• Hi! I really hope you guys can help me with this my family has always had been a basenji family and currently my dads basenji has been dripping urine from his penis..... this is what happened according to Dad:
    About a year and a half ago my 10 yr. old male Basenji, Neo, was having trouble urinating.

    I took him to the vet and the Vet used a catheter to unblock his urethra. The urine that came out contained many small crystals. I took him home and the next day the problem started again and he was unable to urinate.
    The Vet unblocked him again and I took him home. He was ok for a couple of days, but the problem started again. The Vet checked him and said that unless he operated the obstruction would persist.

    After the operation he had a small hole in front of his testicles.
    So, he had the normal aperture at the end of his penis, and another 2 or 3 inches toward his testicles that was constantly dripping urine. The doctor said the hole would heal up, but after a year it had not. I asked the doctor if he could close it and he performed a simple operation to do it.
    I thought that the procedure would solve the problem. It only made it worse.

    He is now constantly dripping urine 24 hrs. a day from his normal penis aperture. The doctor said that there are pills that I can give him for incontinence. Does anyone have experience with this?I am looking for a solution to this problem. And really want to do the right thing so Neo isn’t suffering anymore. Please help! And thank you in advance!

  • @sky-hunter This rang bells so I looked up the copious notes I keep in all my dogs. This from 1988

    November 1988 Noticed Don was pee-ing in spurts so took him to Maurice who catheterised him and discovered blockage. Urothotomy performed. Wound allowed to drain and granulate. Very messy for about a week, then gradual and quite rapid healing. He was unhappy because couldn't keep himself clean.
    Daily dose of Chlorethamine for life (one pill per day) prescribed to prevent any further obstruction forming.

    He had to be catheterised again in 1993 but otherwise lived on a normal life.

    Hope this is of some use.

  • I have had a few female dogs on Stilbestral (sp) for leaking urine. Very common in older, spayed bitches; the pill worked great and they would eventually need 1 about every 4-5 days.
    Might work for males too.

  • @zande Thank you so much for your reply, apparently it makes things a little bit more difficult because my dad is in Costa Rica the medicine the veterinary prescribed is not available in the country. so before sending it to him we would like if you have any feedback on the medications the vet is prescribing or Input,?would be of great assistance! So I was able to find out from my dad the medicine the vet is prescribing is Fenilpropanolamina (Spanish name)which is a syrup equal to Vetoquinol for dogs or 40mg of Urilin or Uristop for humans. Thank you again for your help and Neo will be so much more comfortable to, he will send his thanks tooo!

  • @giza1 Thank you so much for your reply do you have any experience with the medicine Vetoquinol for male dogs? I am not sure how this would work. Unfortunately because my dad is in Costa Rica many of the medicines are not available and I will need to send it to him so I wanna make sure I send them the right thing or at least make the best educated decision when sending the medicine. Thank you!

  • @sky-hunter I'm sorry, different countries, different generic names for medications. Perhaps Professor Google will be able to tell you the content of Chorethamine which Donner was prescribed, and the contents of products available elsewhere. Very often its a different nomenclature for identical substances.

    I'm sorry I can't be more help.

  • @sky-hunter said in Male Basenji dripping Urine constantly 😞:

    @giza1 Thank you so much for your reply do you have any experience with the medicine Vetoquinol for male dogs?

    No, sorry, I do not.

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