• Hey there everyone! I have been actively searching for a little demon to welcome into our family, previously been owned by 4 senji's, but has been about 10 years since last passed over the rainbow bridge ... have contacted breeders, registered w/Brat (over 2 years now!) I keep an eye on it regularly, however, most are just too far away for me to travel to, I'm in NC, and willing to drive 8-9 hours away if necessary.
    I am open to many possibilities, including a juvenile, young adult or a puppy ( which I know are seasonal with a few exceptions, such as Leo Rios ). I am not at all particular about sex or color, having had both sexes, R/W (2) Tri (1) Brindle (1).
    I have been actively preparing for a new addition, crate, toys, kong, leads, nail clippers, dental supplies, sisal mitt, interviewed local vets for B knowledge, 'Senji proofed home, ( well, as much as one can, we all know they can ALWAYS find some mischief to get up to given the chance!)
    I am hoping that maybe someone here can offer some advice, assistance, contacts, that will further my search efforts.
    My 1st basenji was 5 when I got him, retired from showing, that was nearly 30 years ago now, all of them came from a dear friend and breeder who is no longer keeping a kennel, and has not for several years now.
    I hope I don't miss any messages, I'm relatively new to this forum and DEFINITELY have navigation challenges, but get notifications of new stuff almost daily, so I should be covered!
    Thanx in advance for all the help and support!

  • Best to contact breeders by state at www.basenji.org. This would be the time to connect with a breeder as they are making their breeding decisions this time of year for breeding season in the Fall. Note that if the breeders that you are connecting with are not planning a breeding they may know of something of an older retired show dog from others that might be available.

  • I got my basenji from a breeder outside of Charlotte this past Jan. I will be glad to provide you with information privately if you are interested.

  • Do not forget there is world outside of the USA. I sent a year looking for my basenji and ended up getting him from Australia . Cost was $2,000 and he was worth it. Most of it was the plane cost to fly him to Hawaii.

    [removed email address]

  • This post is deleted!

  • @morsesa I think I may know the Basenji who flew to you ! Anyway, if not yours, a lovely boy was shipped to Hawaii from great friends of mine who I stayed with when I was judging in Australia.

    Was his name Dan ? If so, what a small world it is !!!

  • @zande

    His name was Alan Hunt from Australia .

    [removed private email]

  • @morsesa I meant - was the dog called Danny ? I know the Pukkanut kennels (and breeders) of NSW well. Danny was a son of Black Opal, and was bred by another friend, in South Australia. He also went to live in Hawaii

  • @Daureen
    that would b great, I have been in touch with SEVERAL breeders, but have not as yet thrown my hat in the ring for the upcoming season - partly because I am still just a tiny bit intimidated by what I know the needs of a puppy are vs a juvinele / young adult. and the slight possibility of a job change in the new year, which may not be as accommodating to the early needs of a puppy, and I know what those needs entail, and only want the best fit! As of now, and might also be so with a job change, I am able to either work from home or take him / her to work with me. I am not at all good at navigating this site, so forgive me in advance if I am not doing it correctly!

  • You can contact me at [removed private email]

  • There is a B rescue in Siminole, Florida......if you are in the southern east coast US....check her out.
    Seminole, Florida
    Camp Basenji in Seminole, Florida.

    Camp Basenji in Seminole, Florida - Adopt-a-Pet.com

  • He's gorgeous, like so many of Alan's dogs !

  • Look beyound the USA for your Basenji. In my case, I got mine from N.Z. It was worth the $2,000 air fair.

    [removed private email]

  • @hizbaby said in Searching for a LONG time!:

    I have been in touch with SEVERAL breeders,

    sooo.... did you find the right breeder yet? (just looking for an update)

  • @elbrant
    I have been in touch with a couple in my area, and have been actively researching other rescue avenues, and have joined some FB groups. I will be sending a contact form to the Florida rescue as well, the website I found does not seem to be updated, understandably, being busy with rescue. I found MOST of the information for other than BRAT organizations here in this forum, for which I am thankful!
    As I am new here I am apparently only allotted a certain number of replies / comments / lkes, and some subjects tell me I am not authorized to view, even tho they were in my email of recent subjects for the forum, so I am very glad you have reached out to me, as your email was removed from the post before I could reply to you personally.
    I'm still here, and still searching! I will not give up! I'm completely "stocked" with pretty much everything needed to welcome a 4ever member into our home / family, be it a puppy (when the season comes) or a rescue that could happen quite quickly.
    I am currently only on one "wait list" for the season, and am still also searching to be a candidate for "retired" from showing that may become available. As always, I am interested in any avenues I can be directed to, and am glad this forum exists to assist!

  • @hizbaby said in Searching for a LONG time!:

    I am apparently only allotted a certain number of replies / comments / lkes, and some subjects tell me I am not authorized to view,

    hmmm... there are occasions when posts (and entire topics) are removed from the Forum. I monitor the posts for spam so that members (like yourself) do not have to wade through advertising for things like "printer support". And there are subjects that you wouldn't have access to, like things in the "Moderator's Lounge" where I can contact the site owners with questions.

    Every once in a while, I will see a notice that I, myself, have made too many comments. It's not a restriction on you or anyone else... it's just an alert that the server is busy... give it a count of 10 and resubmit your comment. The server just needs a minute to process whatever it was doing.

    your email was removed from the post before I could reply to you personally.

    I do remove personal contact information in posts, but you can usually find someone's email address on their profile page. Just click on their screen name, like this: @hizbaby. I think @Daureen was the one that sent her email. I did send you some information about a breeder in the chatroom (also on your profile page), but I wasn't sure if you were able to reach them.

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