These 2 have been for sale for a very long time, just noticed they were relisted

Has anyone contacted the person and asked her to consider donating to BRAT?

I noticed the ad did not state if they were spayed. Breeding season coming soon and I hope they will not be used for breeding!

Only $200 for both of them. Perhaps funds could be raised if the person really needed the money to surrender them to rescue!


I asked BRAT to do something, and they will contact but won't pay money. Frankly, sometimes you have to think $200 to stop them from going into a puppymill is worth it" but they won't. Wish someone could buy them and give up to BRAT. Funds as they are right now, I can't.

How about the Colorado Rescue group? Have they been contacted?

They typically handle everything in their state.


How about the Colorado Rescue group? Have they been contacted?

They typically handle everything in their state.

not sure how i missed this, but i just emailed Peggy with the link.

Thanks Kim!

Interestingly enough, I believe Zeke listed on CBR ( is also from Canon City. He ended up at the shelter there, which is a bad place to be. Peggy said he is a very sweet little boy. Hopefully these two will be just as sweet. Obviously CBR has many basenjis looking for forever homes. Please click on the above link if anyone needs a new basenji in their life.

I saw Zeke on there. Makes me tempted! His personality and physical size is just like my Buddy.

Sam number, the scumbag puppymiller.

This is sad. Would you not breed until you knew you had forever homes for the puppies? Sounds like she keeps breeding and selling them for low prices. Wonder if the pups even have their shots, it sounds like the parents have not had any health testing done, let alone the pups. I just hope they find good homes. People like this make me sick….

I would only rescue them if the breeder had her dogs spayed/neutered. I would tell her the market is bad for Basenjis and has been and will be for several years and that is why she has unsold older pups. I would also tell her if she is not doing any health testing especially for Fanconi then she will not be able to sell them.

About 7 years ago I e-mailed someone who was selling their under 1 year old male petstore puppy or wanted to use him as a stud for a fee. The dog was registered with an odd registry and I told them that there was no way they would recoup their money from an overpriced petstore puppy and no one would want to breed to him because of the registry and pedigree/health history. I told them their dog was worth $100 at the most and it would be best to have a rescue take him if they were unable to take care of him.


If someone in CO or a nearby state wanted to purchase them and then give them to a rescue go ahead but I would contact the rescue first to see if the rescue would take them! You could also purchase them as pets for yourself. I would still tell her about breeding untested Bs, how bad the market is and how she should spay/neuter her adult Bs.

Does anyone know if her breeding dogs have been DNA tested for Fanconi?

I have the same philosophy about purchasing/rescuing older pups from petstores. I would only do it if the price was low enough and told the store owner that Basenjis do not sell well so do not order anymore of them. I doubt the store would if it was stuck with an unsold pup.

At the dog auctions, I have a price limit on what I will pay for a B and if there were many for sale, I purchase the oldest ones first as I believe they deserve the most to get out. I have been outbid many times for a B and have gone home empty handed-after driving from Houston TX to MO.


CoBasenji Rescue is overflowing with basenjis right now, so I'm not sure there's a foster home spot available. Of course somehow Peggy manages to make it all work.

This lady has basenjis again. I contacted her once when I first started looking for a basenji and was very very shady.

If she is breeding this year and has pups on the ground then one should not buy from her.


Sadly I believe Co Basenji rescue is familiar with this person.

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