zane (boxer mix)

0_1589737117705_517E53B7-7A3C-48E1-AC64-2E8513C2CC40.jpeg so I have a boxer mix and we don’t know what he’s mixed with. do you think it could be basenji? he’s very muscular and protective of my family and I.

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On looks alone from the single photo I'd stay Boxer x Staffy mix.

I agree - more Staffy with the Boxer than Basenji. Cute though !

@julia_mcgeary I have a better picture of zane. he kind of looks part staffs but not really. his ears are always straight up luke in the picture i’m attaching and he’s very loving but likes to bite people he doesn’t know. very protective. he’s tall and stature. any ideas what he’s mixed with besides boxer? 0_1589848890286_02FCFA17-DD51-4F87-9136-00BE5D2023CB.jpeg

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We can all have a guess - but if its really important to you to know, you can have a DNA test done. You and (when you tell us the results) all of us may well be very surprised !

He's a nice looking dog but still can't see any Basenji there. As already said, if it's important to you get a DNA test done but when all is said and done and whatever the result he'll still be your dog and you'll love him just the same.

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