• This post is deleted!

  • He looks a lot like a cattle dog/rat terrier cross that lives near me. What ever he is, he is cute.

  • I agree, I see cattle dog/heeler in there. I really don't see basenji but I really like the picture with that happy,goofy smile…looks like a happy boy to me!

    Of it helps, I reached my conclusion based on the thickness of the ears (regardless of the fact that they stand), the coat type is thicker and has feathering at the back end which you can see on the "zane2" picture...the muzzle is thicker and bolder than a basenjis which tend to be more refined. Lastly, the body type seems thicker and stockier than the lean that is a basenji. All my opinion but I figure rather than just saying yes or no maybe you'd get more out of knowing the "whys" behind my answer

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