• I called my vet last week because Cairo hits his 6month date on June 15th. I called to prepare to set a date for fixing him. The vet said that they prefer to neuter them before 6months old and said it is less stressful on the dog. I was surprised to hear that.

    They also said something about vessles being smaller.

    Anyway, they took Cairo the next day. He has been going to Banfield because they have that great Wellness plan that fixes them (everything included), all shots, free appointments and discounted meds for a year and they take out $20 out of my account each month for 1 year.

    After that, I will take him to my expensive vet:D for his future anything which is where Caesar goes.

    They did the inside melting stitches and glued him on the outside! No external melting stitches anymore! Seems like a great idea to me.

    They had him all day for observation and pulled two baby teeth that didnt come out when the big ones came in.

    I had left over Rimadyl for pain med that he received the first day. Didnt need it one bit. The vet said to not let him run around and that was very difficult.

    He has shown no pain, no licking the area or any response to the surgery at all.

    He has been running around like a bandit and is extremely happy as usual. I expected the whole thing to be a bit more traumatic than it was.

    He definately is in a new stage of beginning to assert his dominance in the house. He keeps trying to control Caesar which doesnt work and myself as well. Lots of biting out of control basenji. Last night it was so bad that I put on a soft muzzle and he immediately calmed down. Everytime he would choke hold Caesar, the muzzle went on….then he just chewed on his toys.

    He is a gentle hearted basenji and I think he will settle in just fine once we have done our obedience training.

    That is the news from Tampa FL.....

  • Glad the surgery went well. Things sure have changed since I worked in vet clinics.

  • Sounds like it went well..no worries Cairo you'll be as good as new in not time.

  • <>
    Yep, that's how they did Querk's too.. it was pretty slick. Hope everything sorts itself out with Cairo and Ceasar.
    Ariel is doing that with Luna too. Relentless. Up until today Luna has been allowing it...but today she actually warned Ariel, and Ariel listened (miracle!). The other dogs long ago gave Ariel notice that her puppy lisence was expired, but Luna is so sweet and easygoing I wasn't sure she was every going to put her foot down.
    Unfortunately Ivy and Ariel no longer can be together unsupervised. Ivy's style of reprimand is WAY over the top. She goes from nothing to attack instantly, and she continues to reprimand after the other dog has submitted. Well, this really ticked off Ariel (and Bella long before her)...and as soon as Ivy even bumps her Ariel is ready for a fight...so we just control them very carefully when they are in the same room, and they never go outside together.
    Anyhow, that is our story 🙂

  • Sure wish puppies would just stay like puppies. Daisy (5 mos.) is vying to be the alpha and Duke isn't going to let that happen anytime soon. We have needed to end quite a few battles too.

    Glad Cairo is doing well after the surgery. Duke was neutered at exactly 6 mos old. He came out ready to race. It was difficult to keep him from running around too. He acted like nothing happened - surprised me too.

  • Andrea-it figures little Ivy would be the one I can totally see her not take anything from Ariel they're just like that these extra special little ones. Topaz is just the same 🙂

  • Well, I went to the soft muzzle technique because Cairo was trying to choke hold and drag Caesar and Caesar would start choking instead of stopping him. He is a sweet boy. He licks Cairo's face and plays.

    Last night I was holding Cairo's mouth closed and doing my alpha mom looking in the eye bit (before the muzzle came out). Cairo wasnt listening to me and would bite me and was hysterically hyper (9:30pm), biting Caesar too. So, I sprayed him with a shot of tap water and we went outside.

    I noticed Caesar standing at the sliding glass door. Cairo was outside running Bansenji 500 like a nut and I let Caesar out. Caesar is my right hand man and will discipline Cairo right behind me when he can tell I am seriously scolding.

    He began to Basenji 500 with Cairo and of course is faster, catches him and rolls him onto his back.

    Cairo jumps up and runs again, Caesar does the same thing. This is how Caesar asserts his dominance and is telling Cairo he is the man.

    I know this is part of the deal. Asserting alpha. But I had to step in when Cairo was hurting Caesar.

    We shall see how long I have to do the soft muzzle technique until Cairo learns.

  • Oh, and I am sure this will become far more interesting when they are closer to the same size. Cairo is 16lbs and Caesar is 24lbs….

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