• Well we have some friends visiting us that were packing to leave this morning. As they were showering Cairo decided to investigate their luggage and search for drugs.

    He found a toothpaste shaped tube of Benedryl that is some type of pain relief or itch relief salve for muscles and proceeded to puncture it in a million places. When we looked at it and squeezed it it looked like that playdoh toy that grows hair.

    So, I suppose it is possible that he swallowed some of the salve. He did a fake throw up about 15 minutes later. Now he is sitting in my lap with me at work.

  • I don't think drug sniffer should be his job. Let him know he's not allowed to eat what he finds. As for the play doh look-a-like tube, maybe he should market that. Liver flavor, not Benedryl…of course. Hope he's ok !

  • Well it is 11am now and he was inspecting the goods around 8am. I suppose he is fine. Just took a nap in my lap.

  • Hmmmm … maybe he wanted to go to work with you and that was his trick to go

  • I think you are right

  • Lillie did the same the other day. It was a tube of bacitracin ointment. No ointment came out, just a punctured tube and a chewed up lid.:D

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