• I am looking for a red basenji, male or female puppy. A bold and confident character, ideally smaller but if it’s a larger dog that’s fine too.

    I’m in Antibes for the rest of the year. I know the restrictions and very difficult at the moment. I’m happy to help brainstorm collection or delivery of the dog while travel continues to be restricted

  • @sophiebufton Just wanted to prepare you... most, if not all, of this years puppies probably have homes already. Basenji's typically breed once/year. Which could mean that you have to wait until next year to bring a pup home. I would suggest that you focus on finding a reputable breeder for now, and get on their waiting list for a pup.

    That said, you may find an adult through a breeder. Someimes they retire breeding stock. Sometimes a pup doesn't work out, is returned to the breeder, and ready to be placed with a new home. (It's something to consider.)

  • While American breeders do indeed often rehome Basenjis once they have finished, ie. become a champion, this is far less prevalent in Europe.

    Post me privately - my email address is on my website listed in my signature block - and I will put you in touch with breeders for next winter's crop of puppies

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