• Doesn’t it seem like there’s an unbelievable amount of spam lately? Is there a way to filter it out?

  • @chenke - We wish....

    1. Click on the three dots in the upper right corner of the post, click on "flag this post for moderation" (at the bottom of the drop down menu), select "spam" and hit the "submit report" button.

    2. Click on the sender's screen name to pull up their portal page, click on the three dots on the bottom right of their banner image, select "flag profile" from the drop down menu, click on "spam" and hit the "submit report" button.

    3. On the post page, in the upper right corner, give them a "down vote".

    4. On the post page, under the original post and on the right hand side, select the "not watching" drop down list and choose "ignoring".

    You might see other spam posts from the same sender, but hopefully the site owner/moderators will do something and boot these people off. shrug I don't know of any other options...

  • A time ago there was never spam on BasenjiForums. Now it seems to be growing at a depressing rate. Curiously there are NO TurboTax supports numbers listed. And iF you know Intuit - they don't operate this way.

    AND YET we still see this "Welcome back to the new and improved Basenji Forums!" - -> so what's new? The new and improved way to deliver spam?

    I am not interested in seeing a new "Latest topics from Basenji Forums" email message that is spam.

    Now, I place all BasenjiForums email notifications in my "spam" folder, to prevent an accidental loading of an email that could potentially have links to malware. So far the links still lead back to the forum web site. But eventually, if this not stopped or eliminated, who knows?

    The forum in its principal function delivers many critical features to the Basenji community. And I hope it continues to do so.

    Web site admin, on the other hand, really needs to step up and eliminate spam accounts and sources.

  • @pepper said in Spam:

    I place all BasenjiForums email notifications in my "spam" folder

    You can turn off the email (notifications) if you:

    1. Click on your profile picture in the upper right of the page,
    2. Click on the "settings" option (near the bottom of the drop down menu).
    3. Scroll down your settings page to the "Email" section,
    4. Click on the option under "Subscribe to Digest", select "off".

    The best option, of course, would be if there was a way for us to boot these spammers off. sigh

  • Banned

    I have not realized the truth. Where have you noticed?

  • @marta5 said in Spam:

    I have not realized the truth. Where have you noticed?

    I'm not sure what you mean... can you rephrase this?

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