I have

"hated" the three topics lodged today, and have asked the Moderator to deal with them, after giving them all a "negative" thumbs down. We will see if that works to discourage posters from sending stuff to this list and wasting our time.

Agree with you completely! I also gave a “thumbs down”!

Have you reported the posts and poster as spam? I don't know how much attention the moderator is giving this forum, but there certainly has been an increase in spam posts of late. The only other strategy I can suggest if it continues is to follow up the spam with relentless criticism of the product being advertised, and perhaps they will decide that bad publicity isn't what they were going for.....

Good luck with that..... but thanks for trying

Hi, I appreciate you bringing this up. All the spammers have been cleaned up and are gone now. Looks like they found a way around the current spam protection, I will look into updating the spam filter settings. Meanwhile please keep flagging them.

Thanks, Alex.

@tanza said in SPAM 2:

thanks for trying

Hey! Congrats on the new title!!

@elbrant - not the moderator... I let Alex know that I declined

@tanza said in SPAM 2:

... I declined
bummer, I thought you would be an excellent choice!

@elbrant - Thanks but I don't really have the time

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