Dog DNA testing? Will is show if my dog is part basenji?

  • Does anyone know of a DNA test that will show if my dog has basenji in her DNA? !0_1570202170293_42269275_10155563937182657_7347667897801506816_o.jpg

  • She screams at me when i leave her. She jumps insanely high, runs insanely fast, is super low weight, the right height and build plus the ears of a basenji but maybe also austrailian sheepdog based on the spots? She is very bossy and posessive of me too. We love our OrsaRose.

  • DNA might tell you... regardless... very cute... keep in mind that many breeds have traits that could be Basenji... they really are not exclusive.... Personally I don't have much faith in DNA for the breed a dog might be... But that said, many Basenjis have those type of spots... can't hurt to do the DNA test.. but again regardless you are welcome here

  • High likelihood that a DNA test will tell you. Agree with Tanza that the traits you are mentioning are not exclusive to Basenjis. Dogs are ultimately individuals, so there is wide variation within breeds. Personally I don't see sheep dog but my guessing is likely inaccurate. You know better.

    In any event she's cute enough to be a Basenji!

  • @megan-lynn-brancato
    Regardless what breed she might be - she is absolutely ADORABLE! Congratulations!🐾🐕

  • She's very cute but those ears don't say 'Basenji !' to me ! Too big and too pointed.
    DNA might help but does it really matter ! As Tanza says, you are welcome here and you have a lovely little canine person who obviously adores you (and its mutual !).

  • I used Wisdom Panel for my assumed Basenji mix. It showed no basenji at all. My boy is 32 lbs and short hair. His DNA says he is 25% American Eskimo 12.5% Boston Terrier 12.5% Chow Chow 12.5% German Shepherd 12.5% Miniature Schnauzer 25% Breed Group-Sporting, Herding, Hound, Terrier. Having owned basenjis all my life I would say my boy has basenji in him by his personality and behavior regardless of what his dna says!!

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