How do you celebrate Birthdays?

  • How do you celebrate your B's Birthday? I try to ignore my own, but... I thought it might be fun to hear how we celebrate our dogs birthdays (or gotchya days).

  • @elbrant Depends when it is, most are born in winter so we have steak. My current B has a birthday in August, so we have “steak and shake” in the park (lol) it’s a tradition.

    A nice walk in the sunny park followed by some fillet mignon, medium rare.

    Although the dogs always look for the steak for the next two weeks walks lol.

  • @elbrant
    Kembe’s birthday is January 4th - I grill her a small steak!

  • @dagodingo
    After the tasty steak - mine goes back to kibble/ dog food! Lol 😝

  • Whatever it is they're particularly fond of. Filet mignon and mashed potatoes usually work. So a second filet mignon vote! (I'm not a big fan of filet mignon -- never make it and can't remember ever ordering it when eating out -- but once my wife came home with a doggie box of filet mignon and the doggies went crazy. So we knew it would be a hit.)

  • I celebrate by telling them they can live here another year!

  • @rugosa

    “I celebrate by telling them they can live here another year”


    My wife tells me every day is their damn birthday lol. She has a point but they don’t get steak very often.

  • Lots of steak in this crowd! LOL I just love a good steak, but.... I always save a bit for doodle.

  • @elbrant Mine prefer the best but it is expensive. Having said that they have all had ribeye, t-bone, shaved steak, NY strip etc. One thing that’s important is that it must be slow cooked so they can absorb the smell for a while. Christmas turkey is always a challenge as it’s four hours of hell before we eat lol.

    Usually the next day I get that look of disgust that says “ oh my god....he’s trying to feed me dog food!” When they get their regular food again.

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