Show offs :) earlier ths winter both achieved their Rally Masters title - on the same day; Gossip (on right) is 11y and Teddy is 8y

Teddy knows where the camera is! Nice photo, congratulations!

Congratulations! Beautiful Basenji's!❤️ You should feel proud!

They are both beautiful pups, and neither looks their age! They look to be in great shape.

I THOUGHT I posted my congratulations, so trying again. CONGRATULATIONS!!

And eeeefarm, Gossip knows where the camera but doesn't deign to cooperate. 🙂

Wonderful basenjis! Congratulations! My b's avoided looking at the camera/phone after puppyhood. I guess I used up all their goodwill by then! Only could get profile shots after that!

@debradownsouth Gossip is definitely a diva - looks pretty when she decides to - ha

i used to take pet portraits for people. Got pretty good at making unusual noises to get the dog's expression. With horses, an umbrella slowly opening works wonders! But dogs, like kids, get bored quickly. In my experience if you don't get "that" shot in the first minute or so, you won't. But some are real hams and love the camera! Basenjis generally are very photogenic. 🙂

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