• Vixen

    It’s a sad day at Jumoke Basenjis; two of our kids have passed over the rainbow bridge yesterday, August 14, 2006. Vixen, Ch. Jumoke’s Red Vixen of Baru SC and Tokka, Ch Quita's Royal Tokka Akuaba JC

    Laurie and I will miss them both terribly, reminding us how fleeting these moments with our dogs are.

    Vixen was owned by George and Marcia Woodard and me. She resided with George and Marcia all 16 years of her life, whelped in their home August 6, 1990. Her passing is the end of an era of many great and wonderful times we shared. Vixen is Flash and Shiner’s sister and my pick of the litter, but she was not fond of showing, so George and I settled with campaigning Shiner. We had wonderful times with these dogs. Vixen is Gabrielle’s dam, and grandma, great grandma to many wonderful dogs.


    Tokka was owned by Laurie Gregory and her former husband Mike Montgomery. He resided with Mike. Tokka was raised with Laurie's kids Doug and Chris, and as with Vixen, knew no other home. He was whelped, December 20, 1991 and would have been 15 in December. Tokka was the only dog which I taught to jump up into my arms from the ground. It was quite the sight. Tokka also was the dog which gave “giving a dog bath” new meaning, due to his out right screaming bloody murder through the whole process. In his prime he was known as a "professional test dog" at lure trials since he loved to course but could not be trusted to run with another dog.

    These dogs touched so many lives. We can only share our memories with George, Marcia, Mike, Doug and Chris to ease these difficult times.

  • Bryan and Laurie, I'm so sorry for your losses. It is amazing how important our dogs become in our lives. Vixen and Tokka were both beautiful.

    {Maybe it's just me, but I can see Jazzy in Vixen's face. That must be where she got "the look". I hope she also inherited her grandmother's longevity.}

  • I'm very sorry for your loss. The passing of a loved one, even our furry ones , is extremely hard. I went through the loss last November with my Sugar Dog - poodle mix, but almost one month later I adopted Hollie, my Basenji/Whippet girl and she has certainly helped to heal a couple of broken hearts.

  • I'm sure they will be greatly missed, and fondly remembered. I'm very sorry for your loss.

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