Puppy adapting to 4 year old Yorkers/chew

  • Hello,
    I just got a 10 week old b 2 days ago. He is very energetic and love to sit on my lap all day. Does not like sleeping in his crate at night. Cries every 3 hrs. My main question is how do I get him to get along with my other dog. The b is very bullish trying to take her toys,bed and food. She really wants nothing to do with him. She is a very passive dog. Any advice on how to form a friendship here? Seems like he just wants to play but is too agressive.. thanks in advance !!![1_15540078376410_1554007872167_00DD5D95-6D42-4B6A-8FFB-F159123A6A97.jpeg

  • What a cutie! Now is a good time to get him used to a dremel. His nails need to be shorter both for his own feet comfort and to keep him from scratching her.

    Your Yorkie isn't stupid. She knows she is going to be terribly out-weighed and needs to train him NOW who the boss it. Let her. If he bullies her, remove him consistently so she knows you will help protect her. Limit the time he has access to her and try to make it fun time... treats/training, or simple one on each side getting petting while you watch tv. You want to teach him that she isn't a chew toy and you want to teach her that having another dog doesn't have to be scary.

    No matter what you do, she may never want to play with him. Your goal, for now, is to make her feel secure and him to stop being a wild thing.

  • Wow...I agree, trim those nails they can be very dangerous to your other dog. My guy just never made friends with my Basenji mix, I brought him into our pack when he was 1 1/2 yrs old...and a real bully to me also. But...over time he got better, but just never wanted to be 2nd to another dog.

  • Go out and buy a dremel and use it regularly !

    As to getting the older Yorkie to accept the Basenji - either they will bond or they won't. There is never a rhyme or reason to accepting a pal (or not). But don't try to force the issue and certainly, if you always take the side of the Yorkie it won't be long before you build up resentment in the Basenji - and these dogs have LONG memories and do harbour grudges. Try to treat them both exactly alike and play the 'avoidance' game. Try not to let any situation whereby you might have to step in on the side against the B to develop.

    Make sure they both have their 'space' where the other one can't encroach except by specific invitation of the owner of that space.

    A Basenji will almost always become the Alpha, regardless of the size of the other dog !

  • We took him to have the nails trimmed later that day. Defiantly will get a dremel. They seem to get along and play well when in the yard for short periods of time. But in the house is another story. The Yorkie had a safe place on the couch but Loki has figured out how to climb the couch so no place seems safe. I’m hoping over time they will come around. It’s amazing how dominant and fearless he is. She growls and he doesn’t flinch. Never had another dog like him. Is it normal for him to always want to be on someone’s lap? So much like a cat.

  • A dremel is a one-off expenditure ! And you can do his nails weekly instead of making costly appointments !

    Some Basenjis are definitely cuddle-boys or girls. Some more aloof. My Keeper is very much in the former category, Hoover is very much more aloof. The Cat That Walks By Itself. In the house Loki is probably trying to be a lap dog because if he is - well, he is getting more attention than the Yorkie, isn't he ! Basenjis are great strategists.

    You'll have great fun with the pair of them !

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