• First Basenji's

    We had read about chew deterrent as Albert, like prob all basenji loves to chew. We got it from the pet store, Advance and low and behold Albert loves it and continues his agression of the drawer knobs… ah it was six years ago that we trained a pup...memories and flash backs...


  • Reminds me of a saying horse people have. "Given time, and the example of others, a horse will develop a taste for creosote". Accompanied by a cartoon of a horse chewing big chunks out of a fence.

    Best "chew deterrent" is vigilance! Second best is a crate when you can't supervise. 🙂 At least they grow up faster than human babies!

  • Kipawa despises bitter apple. Twice a week I soak down my seatbelt in the car (which he can reach from behind the barrier). Works like a charm. Last year I sprayed it on a few things in a hotel room we were in. When we left, there was still a perfect white duvet on the bed. 🙂

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