~~choo choo!~~ chew chew!

Any advice on the best thing to provide "doodle" that chewing satisfaction? She has a couple of toys made for chewing that she seldom shows interest in. The thing she is most consistant with is some sort of "hoof" - that's her go-to toy - but she's chipping off pieces. I try to gather the splinters up and throw them away... I'm just not confident that I'm getting them all.

What do you give your "B's" to chew on?

No rawhide, hooves or most "bully" (penis) sticks here.

we go with rotating Yak milk bones, boodah bones and occasional dental chews.

All of our dogs, Basenjis included, LOVE nylabone. They chew them to death, when they get too small (takes awhile), you chuck 'em out.

@elbrant - I have used bully sticks for more years than I can count and only from (www.bestbullysticks.com). Also Antler Chews (Elk Antlers)

@tanza I know a lot of people who use bully sticks with no issue. I also know a few who got blockage or choking. My basenji both had issues so I just stopped.

My dog enjoys yak milk bones, split elk antlers that expose the marrow and Lamb ears (much easier to digest than beef rawhide). Bully sticks made my dogs vomit. Nylabones kinda creep me out because I don’t want them ingesting plastic.

Mine get RedBarn ChewyBulls - totally digestable - or other dental type chews (never rawhides - I found a 3 inch stick of rawhide in their poop - never understood how it got through without doing damage - never again).
They also have Nyla bones (until the edges get too sharp) and occasionally bully sticks (fat ones only) or regular marrow bones (thick cut).
I used to use antlers until a friend's dog broke several teeth on antler.

@wizard - I haven't found or had problem with broken teeth with antlers, but for sure that were a problem years and years when I first used hoofs... and talk about sharp! Don't go walking around in the dark barefooted!

@giza1 Joanne, is there a specific Nylabone that works? I've never had a dog who likes them. (shocking, right?)

Thank you for the input (everyone)! I haven't noticed the Yak bones here, I'll keep an eye out. And, even though the idea of a bully stick kinda creeps me out, I'll give it a try. Not so sure she'll get another hoof though.... we'll see.

@elbrant said in choo choo! chew chew!:

@giza1 Joanne, is there a specific Nylabone that works? I've never had a dog who likes them. (shocking, right?)

We usually get the bigish ones, there is such a selection of Nylabones now. If your dog doesn't like them at first, try boiling it up in some sort of stock, infuse a little flavour.

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