Hello Group, Ive been an owner of Basenjis for over 20 years now, my latest - Django Hazard - Pretty boy

He's beautiful. Welcome to the forum.

First Basenji's

Gorgeous boy. I spy a snuggle buddy in the background. My basenji won’t sleep without his.

Oh, he's a very lovely boy. Gorgeous black colouring. Lucky you.

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@i-babygirl-i Yes, he likes it and his pug friend that keeps him busy. Your pup is very pretty also πŸ™‚

Gorgeous! A very handsome boy!

Hi there. Welcome to Django as well. A fine photo. I have four, each a different colour, and I find getting a good photo of the Black and White the hardest, as sometimes their features disappear, especially their eyes and forehead. I am sure you will have a mountain of fun with him.

Your Black and White boy is a beautiful one.
We had one very much the same markings for 14 years his name was Joey.
He crossed the Bridge in April 2017
Enjoy they are a beautiful dog πŸ•

Such a great looking boy and welcome to the forum. Agree photographing black dogs is tough but you did a nice job.

What a wonderful black and white b!!! I had a lovely black and white girl for 16 years--she was very opinionated!!! Enjoy your handsome man!!

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