Bruiser the basenji-terrier!!!

i've had this sweet girl for roughly 2 months and only recently realized she is almost full basenji. she's 8 or 9 months old, 20-25 lbs. i think she's mixed with terrier. her middle toes are almost joined at the bottom (they are technically fused but there is a little hair creating a visual separation). she also barks sometimes, but makes a lot of other weird vocalizations that i've never heard come from a dog before. i'm mostly just excited to have a dog psychological and behavioral profile that makes sense for her.

Welcome to the forum. Pictures would be nice!

@selimahope When I first got my Dog a gal at the Horse Farm insisted she was a Jack Russell Terrier. She had never heard of the Breed. I am glad you have taken it upon yourself to adopt this Dog and if you live defensively you won't have a problem. I wish people would stop breeding to other Breeds as these Dogs are now on the International Endangered Species list due to the Islamic State haven taken over the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Enjoy your dog!


@antigone said in Bruiser the basenji-terrier!!!:

International Endangered Species list

Not on any list I can find.

@antigone 'Islamic State has taken over the DRC'??? Where did you find/read that?

@patty said in Bruiser the basenji-terrier!!!:

'Islamic State has taken over the DRC'??? Where did you find/read that?

Same place as no pets ingesting cbd.

Right now the DRC has massive issues, including Ebola outbreak and infected leaving confinement. I'm pretty sure they aren't concentrating on wiping out basenjis.


(CNN)The US embassy in the Democratic Republic of the Congo was closed after the US received intelligence that an ISIS-linked group could carry out attacks against US interests there, two US officials tell CNN.

The terror group is not believed to have a significant presence in the DRC and officials say it is believed that the operatives may have been planning to enter the DRC from outside the country>>

@debradownsouth Thank you - just another example of rumours being magnified! Personally I believe nothing unless I hear/read it from its source. I know it can be aggravating to be doubted and I apologise if anybody finds it upsetting. I just imbibed 'go to the horse's mouth' from my parents.

@patty I saw it on PBS Newshour. There is currently an Ebola outbreak there and the Islamic State refuses to allow people to be treated. They are a horrible scourge on the Planet and Basenjis can get Ebola too!

@antigone From what I have read, Basenjis can get Ebola but they are not affected by it. They are after all superior lol.

@antigone There is some difference between that and Islamic state have taken over. DRC is a vast country. Compared to mine that is!!.

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