Long Time No See Folks! Help Needed

  • Hi everyone,

    For those that are long time members you will remember me...for the newbies, you won’t. Life’s been crazy hectic...Oakley will be 8 the end of November (I’m shocked)...I just accepted a new job and will be relocating from MA to MD. I am hoping our great network of folks can help me out as Oakley will need in-home dog sitting care if I need to travel for work. Relocation is beginning of November and my first work trip is January. Fairly certain the only other conference I’ll have to travel to is July. I’m thinkibg I’ll land in Columbia or Ellicott City- if anyone is near there and willing to meet and see if you’re a fit, I’d be so appreciative. Oakley is a difficult boy with a lot of quirks so finding vigilant care is key. Pay isn’t a problem and we can work out the details- the person doesn’t have to stay at the house but it’d be helpful as he has to eat 3x day. This is the most stressful part of the relocation to be honest so I hope I can find someone!

    Thank you all

  • Can't help with MD, but if you had been moving to the Bay Area... I have the perfect house sitter....

  • Good luck!
    I would have loved to do that!

  • @tanza thanks Pat, appreciate the thought. I hope you’re well! I reached out to Laura G. of Tammen Basenjis to see if she has any contacts, being that she’s in MD. One day I’ll have an easy dog that will just go with the flow and I don’t have to worry about a kennel, or a friend...etc. ((hahaha...wishful thinking!!))

  • @2baroos 30 years in MA, 14 in the same home and 13 with the same company...I must be insane to up and change everything! Lol. Oakley hates any change so I’m worried about how he will react but it’s happening so he needs to get oboard!!

  • Change is hard, but you are doing it at your own choice... which means CONGRATULATIONS!

    Hope you find a sitter soon.

  • @debradownsouth Thank you Debra!

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    This post is deleted!

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