California Dog Friendly Hotels

  • Hi!
    We just came back from traveling with our two basenjis (Talker & Savannah). We went to Cambria, California and stayed at Cambria Pine Lodge in Cambria. This place was really lovely and very dog friendly. The hotel sits high above Cambria in a very woodsy area. There were lots of trails and pathways to walk your dogs and very pleasant garden settings. The rooms were nice and probably the rug could be cleaner. Our dogs came into the room and did a lot of sniffing around which tells me that they were picking up other dogs and pet stains. Savannah peed on one spot and I quickly got the spray cleaners out and worked at removing the stain. :o

    They have a nice setting for outdoor seating at their restaurant and heat lamps. Our dining experience was excellent. It was our 7th anniversary and what more of a romantic way to spend it.

    During the day we went on hikes and also drove to Paso Robles to the wineries where the wineries that we attended were dog friendly. Our two are very well behaved and quiet so they just sat and waited and sucked up all the attention they were getting.

    So if you're looking for a quick weekend stay, I would recommend the Cambria Pine Lodge in Cambria.

    We traveled down to Santa Barbara and stayed at Fess Parker. This is our second time staying at Fess Parker and although pricey, you do get a very nice room and service. I noticed that when we entered our room, the dogs only sniffed around a little and then stopped. That pretty much tells me that they really do a thorough cleaning. They also have outdoor dining and many of the places in Santa Barbara have outdoor seating and are very pet friendly. The dogs get lots of attention.

    I also was invited by some Dogster pals to meet in Santa Barbara where they took us to a very lovely trial about 10 miles from Fess Parker (15 minute drive) called Ellwood trails. This was a wide open area with not too many dogs or people. We were able to take a great walk in the late afternoon sun and really enjoy the scenery. The dogs had a blast and were totally exhausted when we got back to the hotel.

    We had a great time and really enjoyed spending our anniversary with our pups.

  • Hey thanks for the info Basenjibratz Mom! I live in Northern CA. and it's always good to know where a dog friendly place is.

  • Here's a photo of Talker in the fields.

    I'll try to post more but I need to resize them first.


  • Where is Cambria?

    I hope that our next duty station is in California, it sounds like it is more pet friendly there then here in Virginia. Thank you so much for the information!

  • Cambria is located on the coast of California. It is north of Los Angeles and South of San Jose. Cities along the coast seem to be much more dog friendly. It's beautiful along the coast. Santa Barbara, Monterey, Carmel and Cambria are very dog friendly places to visit and very beautiful.

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