Picked up my new little buddy last month

  • Hello Everyone~ Lost my 14 year old girl, Delle, last June. As you can imagine It was an emotional and financially exhausting time. Over the next year I found that not having a dog gave me time to enjoy my other pet, a horse and develop a social life again. But even with the enjoyable extra time (I spent a lot of time with Delle in her last months because she was fighting renal issues) I missed the close companionship of a dog. And once you are addicted to Basenji's there is really no other dog for you. So ..... two months (having eschewed the terrors of dealing with puppyhood) I drove to MA and met and fell in love with Olly (aka Heart Skips a Beat) from Eldorado Basenji's. In July I was back again to pick up the new girl in my life. Olly (who will probably be called Allie since few people get her name right) has had a couple of litters and in addition to be a silly Basenji is a kind and nurturing soul. Of course coming off the breeding and showing program, she is finding this new lifestyle very different ("what do you mean ''heel and sit"? " Get into the crate? Hey, that show stuff. I'm retired now. I don't do crates anymore") but she is already becoming a Diva and loves sleeping in "our" bed! Welcome home to NJ, Allie!!

  • @njdeb said in Picked up my new little buddy last month:

    a Heart Skips a Beat

    That is WONDERFUL that you have taken an adult. She is right, she's done showing, time to kick up her heels a bit (just not too much)!
    I had to look for her picture. She is beautiful.

    If you like Allie better, fine. But otherwise, just tell those who mangle it "Olly" like "olly olly oxie free" or "Stan and Ollie". They'll catch on!


  • She is lovely.... and to all... there are many breeders that at times have adults available

  • Both our basenjis came to us as adults. Toby was a "golden opportunity" (love that phrase) retired show dog; Jake was a rescue who'd lost both his humans to death in a short period. Each of these boys filled our home and hearts the way only basenjis can. Circumstances have prevented us from getting another dog since Jake's passing three years ago, but i can't wait to bring another one home someday.

  • @debradownsouth Thank you for the kind words but I have to admit... I take young adults for my own convenience. I simply don't have time, stamina or energy to deal with the pups as adorable as they are. Having a puppy is like having a baby or too! Did I mention I was not into children and babies or can you guess?lol. I love the retirees. they are already used to crates (although Ollie is now somewhat recalcitrant about getting into hers because she would rather hang out with her now "Mom", lol!! They travel well. They are usually somewhat used to people. Ollie is not used to playing by herself and is just getting used to "big" breeds. She doesn't get the commands "sit, down or stay" yet but we are working on it. She is the champ of the "heel" command however!!

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