• Basenji Silhouette'

    One of my favorite photos of my basenji Kembe. She loves to sit on her heated pad @ the picture window. This photo happen to be taken on FLAG DAY! How appropriate with the basenji silhouette!

  • You should submit that for the BRAT calendar contest. Awesome picture.

  • What an incredible photo! Thank you for sharing.

  • @kembe Gorgeous photo! I am unable to see the coloring, is it Chestnut & White or a Tri? I would definitely submit this for consideration. When my Dog was 1 year old she Modeled a $14,500.00 Queen Anne Dog Bed for Forbes Magazine. She was 'Paid' $150.00 for the 15 minutes it took to get the Photo. Forbes got more calls about my Dog than that ridiculous Dog Bed. Antigone was a Tri with a Bandit Mask...


  • @antigone
    Thanks for the kind comments. Kembe is chestnut and white.

  • @kembe You are so lucky to have such a gorgeous dog! I have had many dogs throughout my life and each lived for a long time. Having said that, the Bs are my favorite! Mine did not Yodel until a year before she died, but she did Baroo all the time. They are absolutely fascinating and worth every single second that you have one.

    House destruction can be managed and one must understand the concept of Separation Anxiety. That was a small challenge for me because I brought my Puppy everywhere including on the Train into NYC. She was an excellent traveler and fell asleep in her crate when we were driving. She was so well behaved she slept in my Office when I went to Court. 🙂

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