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What an incredible photo! Thank you for sharing.

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Thank you for the guidance. Yes, I will make sure we check the breading lines and health registries before we commit. I'll defiantly reach out for assistance. Thanks, Lorna

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Thank you. I'll reach out to her! Much appreciated, Lorna

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Yes, Ideally, the best way to get to truly know a Basenji, would be to meet them in their comfortable environment. I wish we could find someone, but close to our home who would let us visit. That would be ideal. Thanks. Lorna

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Thanks for the recommendations. I'll check out the site. Much appreciated, Lorna

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I’m Lorna.
Many years ago, I had the privilege of taking care of my Aunt & Uncle’s Basenjis for 2-3 weeks every summer for 6 or 7 consecutive years. They had three (two females and one male) Basenjis. Loved these guys… my Aunt & Uncle too! Growing up my mom and I lived in a very small trailer so having a basenji of my own was out of the question, but Chihuahua (Harry it) was great. She joined the basenji pack each summer. Now that was a sight!

I’ve finally retired; I’m ready to bring a new four-legged member into our home. I believe a Basenji would get the love & attention she would deserve. I also know she would keep me on my toes.

My challenge is I’m also married. My husband was not raised with dogs. When we met, I had a rescue Chow, Willie, and they bonded. I became the odd man out but I loved it that he got to experience the bond and joy of a four-legged family member. When Willie passed, my husband took it very hard and we agreed to wait until I retired before adding a new four-legged child into our family.

My husband has never seen a basenji (other than YouTube). I’ve been “educating” him about all their wonderful qualities (e.g. highly intelligent = highly stubborn) and wonderfully loyal. I need to find ways for him to meet Basenjis. He recently shared with me that he couldn’t get the image of the sweet little puppy with all the wrinkles out of his mind.

As much as I know a Basenji would be wonderful, it is only fair to “Ruby” (yes, I’ve named her!) if he too falls in love with the breed before a sweet lady joins us. For this to happen, he needs to be around a few first.

We live in Northern California and here is my request… Does anyone know of a breeder who I might reach out to who would let us come visit, or perhaps an upcoming event, or dog show? I’m open to suggestions. Thanks

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