I’m not patient!

Ok, dial it back a little, here: Are you aware that rescue staffers are VOLUNTEERS? People with full-time jobs, families, pets of their own plus foster dogs? These aren't corporations You're dealing with, they're non-profits! Don't you feel just a tiny bit self-absorbed and arrogant complaining, because that's the vibe I'm getting!

I applied to BRAT after my basenji died. She was from the only breeder in my province and it turned out she was a terrible breeder. I had another basenji at home that was heartbroken and I really wanted to rescue a basenji. I was told I might get one in a few years as I could only rescue one in my area. I was not allowed to travel to get one on the website nor would a BRAT person travel to me. It was not fair to make my basenji wait so long for a friend. I ended up getting one from a breeder. It has been 8 years and I still have not heard back yet. I love the idea of animal rescues but sometimes it feels like they really aren’t looking that hard for good homes. People can wait a few months for the right dog but years? That’s ridiculous.

I have no direct experience with rescue organizations but some of my friends do. Sometimes I think they end up losing the very homes that would work out the best for their animals. It's probably fine if the dog is spending its time in a comfortable foster home, but it seems a shame to have to then uproot the animal again when they finally decide they have found the right match. Life happens, not every placement will turn out as expected, but someone willing to take on a rescue should be treated as a valuable resource. Just my opinion.

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Ok, dial it back a little, here: Are you aware that rescue staffers are VOLUNTEERS? People with full-time jobs, families, pets of their own plus foster dogs? These aren't corporations You're dealing with, they're non-profits! Don't you feel just a tiny bit self-absorbed and arrogant complaining, because that's the vibe I'm getting!<<<

Funny that's the vibe you are giving off. Attacking breeders, now attacking people with legit issues.

Did you even read the posts? If you can't volunteer enough to cover your area, step up, get help, or get out and let someone else do it. When I volunteered with BRAT, our area's coordinator was on things FAST. Sadly that isn't true of a lot of the country. It is regretful because they then lose potentially great homes who often go to not good breeders.

So for those looking... if any rescue doesn't get your info within a few weeks and set up a home visit, go elsewhere. Contact all the breeders from the Basenji Club of America. See if there are breeders who have young adults or puppies or older adults that weren't right for their breeding program but would just love to be a beloved pet. Contact Camp Basenji, who always responds in a timely matter. Unlike other rescues that will string you along and hope you give up rather than being honest and saying they don't think you are a good fit, Pam will be upfront.

As for not approved because of spouse... wth? So Military families with a spouse deployed aren't allowed? Homes where timing schedules are different don't matter enough to work with their schedule? Maybe they have so few rescues they can afford to blow off potentially great homes. It's hard to tell when they admit most of their dogs aren't posted because local coordinators haven't done the work yet. Try going out of your area, contact upper-level people and see if they can help. If you still don't get a response, breeders and Camp Basenji.

@2baroos I was exaggerating when I said “I’m not patient”, I’m just excited to get him or her. I am prepared and so is my home. I lost my 2nd Basenji, age 17 1/2 last year and I have passed that info onto the rescue.

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@yodelma Your “vibe” is way off! Just because I’m excited to get a basenji doesn’t make me self-absorbed or arrogant, but it does make you sound judgmental and rude!

@ginnyc - As already noted, you can try contacting breeders as many times they are looking to place younger Basenjis that have completed their show careers and are not going to be used in a breeding program.... Or they have maybe gotten back a pups/young adult (or sometimes not so young) that they are looking to rehome. You can search for breeders by state at www.basenji.org

@segbwema Good grief, you missed my point. I have no problem waiting, even though I am anxious, but the lack of communication causes me to have concerns on whether or not this rescue is serious about placing dogs in experienced homes. I’m seriously considering getting off this page because of all the snippy, snarky comments. Be nice people. Does it really make you feel that much better being ugly to me? You don’t know me or my story. I’m sorry some of you have such bitter dispositions and can read so much into a short innocent post!

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@tanza Thank you. I have contacted BRAT and already heard back from them.

First to GinnyC: Thank you for stepping up and trying to provide a home for a rescued Basenji. I wish you the best and hope all turns out well for you and your rescue Basenji. Have heart and don't loose faith - - we are cheering for you!!

As for the rest, sometimes you need to look in the mirror, and you may not like what you see. There is NO excuse in this day and age for a lack of communication at the BRAT end. BRAT does a tremendous service in helping Basenjis find new homes. However, that service becomes questionable if it takes months, has so many stipulations, is uncommunicative, such that the applicant loses hope and seeks another path.

I also have tried BRAT, I waited for months for Sharon to schedule a visit. Multiple attempts at communication always went unanswered. She was the only BRAT coordinator in my area. My attempt at BRAT was unsuccessful simply because of a coordinator that was extremely poor at managing her end.

BRAT hopefully, will read this entire thread and re-emphasize the need to keep applicants informed and where things stand in the adoption process.

Best to all.

@pepper Thank you Pepper. As a previous Basenji parent for over 20 years (2 basenjis), I’m ready, willing and able to add another to my home. To clarify, the rescue I contacted previously was independent, not BRAT. I did contact BRAT today to see if I have better luck with them. I did not intend to insinuate that after a week I should have a dog, just that some communication would be expected. After all, isn’t the idea to place rescues with appropriate rescuers?

To some of the others... I also didn’t expect to get attacked on here and I personally don’t tolerate bullying in any environment, expect me to defend myself when I need to. If you don’t have anything nice to say, well, then don’t.

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You did nothing to warrant an attack. Please don't let one person sour you on the board. You got ignored 9 days, others for weeks... I think most were very sympathetic to your situation, commiserating even. Rescue homes should be valued, treated with respect. Reading posts here make me sad and angry. Even if someone wasn't a good fit for a dog I had, I worked with them to find a rescue that did. You asked for nothing unreasonable.

Good luck on finding your next dog. Please do also talk to camp basenji, have more options.

Contact Peggy at Colorado Basenji Rescue. We got our last gurl from her. Maybe you can get a Basenji from them.
They have a couple if cute ones!

@debradownsouth Thank you for the positive support. I’ll stay on here and hopefully someday in the future will post a picture of my new pup! ❤🐕

While I appreciate all the work rescues do, I often wonder if they actually want the dogs to find homes. Rescue people I know are very “I know all and no one is good enough for my breed.” I’ve also noticed that a lot of dogs seem to be adopted whithin ie by volunteers. With a breed less common like basenjis, there aren’t a lot of purebred basenjis out there for people who prefer to adopt! My family has had similar issues trying to adopt but it was with a much more common breed. My mom was told if she wanted one so bad she could foster. Foster, fall in love with dog, dog is taken away. NOT good for my mom!!

I’ll stick to responsible breeders 👍.

I wish you luck on your journey. I’m sorry some people were so rude to you.

Have dealt with many rescues from many breeds. I think breeders and rescues are more like: I want the best home for my dogs... prove to me you are one of them. Shelters and byb/pm are like "you have the money, here you go." Good rescues are a joy to work with. But they aren't all good fits. I hope your mom found one.

She put her search for a golden on hold and now has a beautiful basenji girl. I totally agree with you than not every person is a good fit for the dog and they need to think about the dogs needs first. I just have not had positive experiences with rescuses.

Great news! Curled up next to me right now is my little Basenji girl! I had a very pleasant experience with BRAT and they met me for the transfer this weekend. Once I saw the dog I wanted on their website, the process went very smoothly. On the other hand...still not a peep from the local Basenji rescue.

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