• My beautiful boy, Arlo, turned two years old in Dec. he is a real show stopper here in Western NY. I've had people pull their cars over to ask his breed, or say is he a basenji and that basenjis are their favorite breed. One guy was so excited to see a basenji he got his 2 kids out of the car to meet him. Arlo has been a lot of work and I'm telling you there have been days I've wondered why on earth I did this to myself or why didn't I just get a retriever or a rescue dog. What is it about basenjis? In spite of that he is my best friend the love of my life and of more value than anything money can buy. He and I have come such a long long way. He obeys many commands now and we're working on "place" with some degree of success so we can eat a meal with him in the room. Heaven! Previously our meals were either crate him or rescue everything you forgot to put at the back of the counter from his jaws. He will give you your stuff back happily but he's still a happy dog because before you can return to your seat at the table he has stolen your napkin or something from your plate. He is naughty, but hilarious. He will either be the end of me or add years to my life expectancy. Time will tell. However this "place" thing may be a life-changer. I would post a photo of his beautiful self but haven't figured out how to do that yet. I'll have to recruit a child to instruct me. I'm 65 years young.

  • Oh, you're hooked! Basenjis are a lot of work but their charm and charisma are so worth it! Enjoy your boy. He sounds like a mischievous sweetheart. With patience on your part and consistency, he will become an ideal companion. But he will keep you on your toes!

  • NY must be cold...Brrrr. Glad to hear your dog is taking commands, my dog has learned the art of nanosecond sitting and lying down. Just long enough for a treat.
    I recently watched a Youtube video where a lady that had taught her Basenji over 20 tricks....light at the end of the tunnel 🙂

  • I laughed from experience at your post....I too have a two year old named Sarge and also in NY. Someone told me that he would be the best dog and the worst dog I will ever have! So true, but the best part is so great that the worst part is forgotten quickly. When we take him camping we are constantly stopped by people asking what kind of dog he is....I considered printing some info brochures to give to people when they ask. So glad I got him....Thanks for your post!

  • @Aileen, nice to hear! BRAT, Basenji Rescue And Transport will be having their national conference in Rochester NY this June ... you can meet lots of Basenjis!

    I'm sure Arlo is tones of fun especially at 2 yrs of age! My daughters Husky would steal things off counter, still does on certain occasions but he learned risks when I put some mouse traps and sticky tape on the counter. The traps chosen were "weaker" ones and I'd unhook one spring so only one side was loaded.

    Of course, a Husky has BIG paws ... so I wasn't greatly concerned and as I tested upon myself, wasn't too worried. Too, can add a few layers of duck tape on the metal to "soften" it even more.

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