Looking to adopt a rescue Basenji in Spain (willing to travel anywhere)

  • I am desperately looking to rescue a Basenji and give it a loving home. Perhaps you've got one and it's too much for you or it hasn't met your expectations. Here in Spain they are extremely rare but I don't want to buy one from a breeder as I'd prefer to re-home one (although I'm wiling to pay!!).

    Please get in contact if you can help - many thanks in advance

    English / Spanish (0034) 630 819 878

  • When a breed is not common, rescues are few with long waiting lists. Your best bet may be a breeder who has an older puppy or adult that didn't work out for showing, or their first homes. These dogs need homes as much as any so they can get all the one-on-one attention.

    I found this page, but no rescues listed:

    No Basenji for adoption in Spain, please click 'New Location' above.<<

    You might get more info contacting a breeder to find out about any rescues or available dogs:

  • Thank you Debra for your reply. I was initially attracted to Basenjis as I can't stand barky dogs. However, there's another very popular breed here in Spain, the 'Podenco' which are pretty non-barky as well. I think I'll have more joy down that avenue and have already seen a couple which are lovely. Thanks again for your advice and kind reply. All the best


  • Good luck. Be aware that dogs that don't bark can be incredily noisy. 🙂 Basenjis can scream so loud the police come knocking to see why you're killing your child.

    Because of the high abuse/abandonment of them, rescues have plenty.


  • Go on facebook: there are multiple European groups dedicated to basenji adoptions, like https://www.facebook.com/groups/637260023052459/?ref=bookmarks

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