Looking for Basenji in Texas! (willing to drive)

I got my beautiful tri-color boy from Wanda Pooley of Adventureland Basenjis 11 years ago. She has since relocated to Texas from Illinois. If she is still active both she and her dogs are wonderful.

@dogstar42 - Wanda is not actively breeding now, but a great source to talk to about breeders and possible available Basenjis

@tanza said in Looking for Basenji in Texas! (willing to drive):

@debradownsouth - Just a quick note Debra, clear by parents is not accepted by OFA as clear of Fanconi at this time

Well obviously unless both clear they could be carriers. Is there some dogs with clear parents coming out as carriers/affected, of just OFA being cautious. Thanks for the heads up as I had not heard it at all!

@debradownsouth - OFA has never accepted "clear by parents" for any DNA test

@tanza said in Looking for Basenji in Texas! (willing to drive):

@debradownsouth - OFA has never accepted "clear by parents" for any DNA test

OFA says they do albeit only 1 generation:

What does “clear by parentage” mean?

OFA records results of approximately 120 DNA tests, all of which are currently “direct mutation” tests, meaning that the test results are 100 percent accurate and not subject to interpretation. For direct mutation tests, OFA will clear by parentage for one generation.

That means that if both parents have been DNA tested clear for a disease, OFA will declare offspring clear by virtue of the fact that the parents tested clear. However, there are a few requirements to clear by parentage.

1.) As mentioned, both sire and dam must have tested clear, and those test results must be on record with OFA.

2.) The sire, dam and the offspring to be cleared must all have been DNA identity profiled, and DNA profiles must be on record at OFA.

Once those requirements are met, the owner of the offspring to be cleared will fill out the application for DNA Based Genetic Disease (available on the OFA website), writing “clear by parentage” in the blank line at the top of the form, and submit the form with the $15 OFA processing fee. That’s it—your dog is now cleared by parentage for that disease.""

As a greater number of DNA-based disease tests become available, a policy regarding the clearing of offspring out of DNA tested parents has become necessary.

For direct mutation gene tests only, the OFA will issue clearances to untested offspring:

If the sire and dam have both been DNA tested “Clear,”
If the sire and dam’s DNA disease test results have been OFA registered, and
If all three (sire/dam/offspring) have been DNA identity profiled and parentage verified.
The DNA profile paperwork must be submitted along with a completed OFA DNA-based disease application. The resulting OFA certification will have a suffix of “CBP” (clear by parentage), indicating that the dog itself was not tested and that the clearance was based on the sire and dam’s test results, and known science at the time. Because of the possibility of new mutations or as of yet undiscovered gene mutations, only first generation offspring will be cleared.

For linkage or marker based tests where a margin of error including both false positives and negatives exists, the OFA will not issue any clearances to untested dogs.

DNA-based disease screening is an evolving area. This policy is subject to change by action of the OFA Board of Directors as technology and science advance.


@debradownsouth As I understand, this is not for DNA for Fanconi at this time... so as a breeder I would test regardless. It is not that I would dispute "clear" by parent... but as a breeder I would still test

@tanza but then you said:

OFA has never accepted "clear by parents" for any DNA test<<

I have seen a few breeders saying pups clear by parents but I am too sleepy to look tonight.

@debradownsouth - Correct Debra, many breeders will say that and there is really nothing to stop them. However check out Sally's pedigree sight the only ones that are noted with the DNA results for Fanconi or PRA are the ones that were tested by OFA, not any of the ones noted as clear by parents. There is really nothing wrong with saying clear by parents but each breeder makes their own decision about this. For me, I would prefer to test.

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