• My husband and I are actively seeking a Basenji to join our family. We live in College Station, Texas and can travel to Austin, Houston and Dallas area for a Basenji. Most Basenjis I have found in a rescue setting in Texas are mixes or miss labelled.

    We would prefer to own a Basenji that is no longer in the puppy stage, closer to a young adult. A golden opportunity or retiring show Basenji would be amazing. At this time we would likely not consider a mix breed as we really do want the Basenji personality to be dominant.

    We have filled out an application with BRAT and starting to reach out to breeders in Texas.

    If you have a Basenji available, please let us know. Thank you all in advance for your help!

    ~Stephanie and Jarrod

  • Most retired show dogs are not going to be "closer to young adult"... but actually adults. I know Camp Basenji has dogs in Texas and transport is possible.

    Also, hopefully some breeders here may have or know of dogs that could use a forever home.

    Please contact Pam Hamilton with Camp Basenji.


  • Thank you for the information on Camp Basenji. We will reach out to Pam later today!

  • There is a retired show dog on craigslist right now, but he is in OH. Been there for awhile.

  • @giza1
    That's really sad. You'd think the breeder would have contacts or go to their social media pages etc to find a home. 😞 Has Brat contacted them?

  • @DebraDownSouth said in Seeking a Basenji in Texas:

    That's really sad. You'd think the breeder would have contacts or go to their social media pages etc to find a home. 😞 Has Brat contacted them?

    I do not actually know, but I suspect not. I did alert them to the posting but I got the impression that they felt the dog was with a responsible person who would make sure the dog ended up in an appropriate home. I hope that is the case, and the owner is being very picky which is why the ad has been up so long. I am surprised, though, that she did not have some sort of waiting list. I have no idea who this person is.

  • I've reached out to the breeders in my state and now waiting for replies. Have filled out applications for BRAT and Camp Basenji. Hope to start getting some replies over the next few days.

    At the moment, Ohio seems a little too far, but you never know, a few weeks from now might turn into a traveler.

    About the age of the Basenji...we really want the B to get along with our 7 year old Schnauzer who has SARDs and starting to go blind. If their is a Basenji that is 5 months or 10 years old that can fulfill that priority, we can work with the other behaviors.

    Thank you for your comments and sharing.

  • I am sorry about your Schnauzer. Having a dog companion is the best thing for blind dogs. I hope you find just the right dog for your family and your schnauzer. What type is your dog? I love them. My girlfriend just got a miniature. I considered a giant a few years ago. A girl at our schutzhund club had one that made me really want one!

    We love pictures here, so feel free <cough> to share one of your dog.

  • Let see if I did the picture upload correctly.... This is Jack and he is a Miniature Schnauzer. When the rescue got him he had hair missing and they think he was attacked by his litter mates. He doesn't always have this face but it seems like it.

    The cat is Comet, he was Jack's buddy. We had to put Comet down early this month after treating him for diabetes and Chronic Kidney disease. Comet was 13 and the only cat it seems that I have not been allergic to. My husband would love another cat, but their is no way my allergies could handle one.

    The husky was a dog in the neighborhood we found after he escaped his owner's yard. We seem to be the dog catchers.

    0_1493404234989_Jack Collage 2.jpg

  • @giza1 said in Seeking a Basenji in Texas:

    @DebraDownSouth said in Seeking a Basenji in Texas:

    That's really sad. You'd think the breeder would have contacts or go to their social media pages etc to find a home. 😞 Has Brat contacted them?

    I decided to contact her myself. She did not breed the dog. He is her only Basenji, she has Shibas, and does Shiba rescue, and is not in a hurry to place the dog. The right home must come along and she prefers it to it to be in the Tri state area.

  • @giza1 Thank you!

    @Steph_a_Mod OMGoodness.... love his face. 🙂 They just ooze happy. 🙂

    Sorry about your cat. There are some less allergenic cat breeds, but the constant wiping to remove saliva from a cat is really really intense.

  • Does anyone have any other recommendations for finding a Basenji?

    I have applied through BRAT and Camp Basenji. Most rescue dogs are 13+ hours away from us.

    One breeder outside of Austin responded and will be breeding this fall, but has none available currently. Another is based in Lubbock (13 hours), might have a few, I am reaching out to them again. A breeder near Houston has not responded.

    Have I done all that I can do, do I just now need to wait? Any other options to consider?

  • @Steph_a_Mod
    Best suggestion is be patient. People waiting for breeder puppies wait a year or more. You can wait for a local, or decide 13 hr trip beats waiting. I just hope something comes through quickly for you.

  • There is a woman who breeds basenjis in Johnson City near Fredricksburg! You may have some luck contacting her.. I cant remember her name at the moment but you may be able to find her if you google johnson city tx basenjis. It would be a little drive for you but not too terrible and the drive is also beautiful so at least you would get a little adventure from it. 🙂

  • @pearlypoo said in Seeking a Basenji in Texas:

    breeds basenjis in Johnson City near Fredricksburg

    There are only 4 BCOA members in texas. I'd be concerned about other breeders. Do you know if it is one of these?

    Basenji Breeders in Texas
    1 Graves, Michael Mardi Gras Basejis in Leander, TX
    2 Humphreys, CPDT, S Anne Dharian Basenjis in Wolfforth (near Lubbock) TX
    3 Marshall, Pat Berimo in Jasper, TX
    4 Reed, Bob & Terry Illusion in Montgomery, TX

  • Basenjis in the USA are typically born from October-January so it might be hard to find one this time of year.
    I do see posts pop up on facebook from breeders with available retired show dogs but not everyday. Most quality breeders know each other to some extent and will happily refer puppy buyers to one another. The only breeder I personally know from TX is Signet Kennels. Brenda has very nice dogs and I have seen her post adults from time to time.

    You will have to be patient! It's going to take time to find the right dog. I personally would find a breeder I like (good communication, healthy dogs, good reputation, etc) and get on their waiting list. My breeder has a waiting list for retired dogs as well as puppies so I'm sure others do as well.

  • @CrazySenji I didn't even notice Signet wasn't listed. Any idea why? However, on their facebook page, she does list a puppy for sale on co-ownership/show contract.

  • @DebraDownSouth - Brenda was not a BCOA member until recently. She just rejoined (Signet Basenjis), but she is a responsible breeder. She is in Fort Worth. You can find her on Facebook also

  • Oh, I KNOW Signet, and I have never heard anything but good about Brenda. I was just wondering why she wasn't a BCOA member or listed for Texas. And yes, reread my post... I said she has a pup listed on her facebook page as available. It's darling, but it is for showing, which I don't think the OP is looking for.

  • Speaking of adults.. does anyone know if Robyn still has any other adults? I know Texas to GA isn't a short drive, but it's not horrible.

    @Steph_a_Mod ... check out Sherwood Basenji's page: https://www.facebook.com/Sherwood-Basenjis-357782857650703/

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