• Hi,

    My wife and I live in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania and are interested in having two Basenjis. We live in a country bordering the home of the Basenji but don't know yet where we can buy/adopt/rescue two dogs. Can anyone help us find breeders, shelters, or rescuers in Tanzania? They don't have to be in Dar, e.g., we could travel to Mbeya or Kigoma, close to the Zambian/DR Congo border.


  • David, welcome to the forum.

    I am not finding basenji clubs in either Tanzia or Zambia. I did find a strange listing with South African breeders. Perhaps if you contact the more current ones, they can advise you of local breeders.


    You might also contact the Basenji Club of America African Project to see if they have any contacts for your area. https://www.basenji.org/african/project.htm

    Wish I could be more help.

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