Meet Yoda Possible basenji?

Here is a photo of my girlfriend holding him so you can get the perspective of his size


Oh, he's quite a bit bigger than I first thought. Perhaps pharoah hound is the most likely, colour fits too.

Perhaps also Podenco Andaluz in there - they have that color and the pointy ears. Great smile!

Gosh yeah at that size, I'd suggest Pharaoh hound over basenji.

@kjdonkers he is actually from spain so that makes sense and looks that size! He is far too small to be a pharoah hound - his legs are quite short 🙂

Yes I agree, Podenco Andaluz more likely. Size, color, from Spain.
Here's a picture I found on the internet:

Yes I am Infact from England , and yoda is from Spain.

There are lots of charities in Europe taking care of Spanish dogs, as they are treated pretty badly - especially the hunting breeds (sighthounds), like podenco (comes in all sizes and colors) and galgo (a little smaller than a greyhound).


AH I missed that. Then yep, the others are probably right!

Could have some Xoloitzcuintli (Mexican Hairless dog) ???

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