• Below are images of my rescue girl, Peanut. Peanut is about 4 years old, 45lbs, and quite the character! At first I thought she might be a Pharaoh Hound mix, but as I've gotten to know her, I don't think so as much.

    The first thing people notice are those ears, the second would probably be her forehead wrinkles. Peanut likes to chortle/yodel when she's happy and will 'talk' to you when she's really pleased (she's become more vocal since I've had her). She does bark, and will try to have the last 'word' by barking quieter and quieter instead of actually being quiet. She has the most well padded paws of any dog I've ever had and could trot for days if she wanted. Her hair coat is rougher and longer than a Basenji's, though it does only have the one layer. Her tail is also not curled. She is probably between 20-25 inches tall at the withers (I haven't actually measured her). What really gets me is her personality. She is quirky and clever and a little bit absurd. She's always trying to find new games to play and new loopholes in what I've asked her to do (you want me to sit? Okay! I'll sit … on this wall over here...). She likes to watch everything that's happening and her favorite game is to flush birds/squirrels from the bushes. She is incredibly intuitive and expressive. She also likes to sit on the backs of couches and pounce on toys. Anyway, enough talk, on to pictures!

    The first day I met Peanut

    She loves hiking (to be read: chasing small animals/leaves)

    That face!


    Immediately took over the bed…

    Peanut is obviously FAR too large to be a pure Basenji and her coat length/tail are not correct, but her personality and absurd cleverness, combined with some of the physical features I mentioned above, make me really consider the idea that there might be Basenji in there...somewhere... Thoughts and suggestions are more than welcome! I love my girl either way, and honestly, I would like to try and figure out if I should be asking my vet about/watching for Fanconi syndrome!

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