Looking for a temporary home for 2yr old basenji

@natasha I also want to apologize to you for making you for making you feel bad, nervous or insecure in any way or manner. I promise, that wasn't my intentions. I should have kept my fingers off the keyboard on that one. I really am sorry to have worried you.

@DebraDownSouth Thank God you jumped on the band wagon here because I totally screwed up & worried that poor woman over nothing!! Like you said, there are jerks out there & many years ago, I had a friend that had someone taking care of their family dog (it was all kinds of mixed breeds but a cool dog no-less). The family was only going to be gone for 3 to 4 months at the most. Like you said, the dogsitter (JERK) packed up a little less than 2 months later, with the dog & left!! No one knew where they went & the family couldn't find out "where" the guy moved to. I just remember how devastated my friend & her family were when they got back (about 3 months after they'd left). The kids cried, she cried & I think her husband cried too. They tried to report it to the police but were told "since it wasn't a purebred & you had no legal written contract" ... it was just terrible. I would hate for that to happen to anyone again, ever!! Plus, I never thought about when dogs go out on show with handlers & are gone, sometimes, for a long period of time!! Hey, I screwed up 100% & I was wrong. When I'm wrong, I'll tell you I was wrong & I WAS WRONG!! Thanks Deb!

Hi Natasha, I'm guessing you are no longer interested since no reply here or to our chat? Anyway I probably won't keep checking this thread, if you want to get ahold of us you have my # ....

@Nancy-Berry That really is horrible. But those people stole the dog, didn't get it legally. Today, hopefully most people know to be very careful about vet references and other things. (Though some real horror stories out of Texas rescue but no basenjis)

As for messing up, we all do. I learn when I post wrong info and someone corrects me. It's good to learn. 🙂

@cathyroy I am not sure what Natasha is doing, if busy or whatever with the holidays. You may be what she wants, but she's got company or otherwise tied up. She did say maybe set up a trial, so give it a few days before getting upset.

However, I will make a few observations about the fit.

  1. you have small children you say are good with animals, but you don't have one, so how do you know how they will be with one actually living with you?
  2. your interest in a basenji is based on their lack of significant shedding. This is not the breed for a family with young children who have little or no experience with dogs. Your husband presumably works, so the dog will mostly be with you and your children.
  3. you are wanting to ADD a dog to your family. She isn't looking to give the dog away.

Just as you would be careful of who you have babysit your children, she hopefully wants a suitable fit for her dog. For me, that would be someone experienced in the breed or at least a lot of experience with a variety of dogs and is interested in fostering, not taking, my dog. It isn't an easy decision either for her or for someone agreeing to keep her dog.

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