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Hi Natasha, I'm guessing you are no longer interested since no reply here or to our chat? Anyway I probably won't keep checking this thread, if you want to get ahold of us you have my # ....

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Hi Natasha,
How can we get ahold of you? We are in Montreal, NDG area... Just to reply to the other poster's concerns... we have thought about the hypoallergenic thing, which is why this is our best option, I would like to try the dog out before committing... but in terms of our research, my husband has done a lot... and has owned rescue dogs with "personality". I also have had a dog before, it was a bichon, and I was fine with her in terms of allergies... I wouldn't mind having a small dog but my hubby wants "a real dog" ; ) We watched videos of the yodeling and my kids find it perfectly adorable and hilarious. Personality = not a problem... as long as the dog is friendly and patient... My husband works from home, so he wants a companion, and also has time and energy to devote... one question - is the dog "neutered"?
I will send you my number on a chat, you can call us...

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I was wondering if you were successful in finding a home for your dog...
We have been looking into adding a "canine" family member to our family of four... I am allergic to most breeds of dog, but seem to be okay with non-shedders... the Basenji is listed on many sites as hypo-allergenic, so they are at the top of our list as possibilities... please contact me if you haven't found a home, and maybe we could do a trial to see if we fit... how is your pup with kids? We have a 3.5 year old and a six year old, both gentle souls who are respectful of and love animals...

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