A Famous/Heroic Basenji?

Hi Everyone I am studying to be a dog behaviourist in the UK and have been given the project of studying Basenjis. I am now really in love with them! I wondered if any of you knew of a Basenji that had carried out an heroic act, saved someone or another animal etc., or was famous for something? It would be brilliant to include this in what I am writing on the breed. Thank you so much in advance for your helpx

Great work. There are far too few dog people with any knowledge about the race. I don't know of a heroic basenji, but you could try and find the movie 'Goodbye, my Lady' about a boy and his b. Also former Dutch queen Juliana had a basenji in the 70's: http://www.jambojamilah.de/jambo/basenjiindenmedien/sonstigebasenjiberichte/index.html. If you google 'koningin Juliana Zara basenji' you will find more pictures. Good luck!

Oh man, there would have been the perfect website for you. About 10 years ago those who were on the old B-list (which is actually still in existence) were collecting inspiring Basenji stories of exactly what you are looking for. A website with these stories was created for a B-lister who was battling cancer but apparently the Geocities-hosted website is no longer in existence. There were some really pretty amazing, and special stories. I'll see what I can round up for you.

Thank you both so much! I will follow the link now and really hope you will be able to locate some stories that I can share with people. Whilst Basenji is a breed recognised by the Kennel Club in the UK, there aren't many people seen with them so it will be a great way to help people see the breed. Thank youx

@kjdonkers GoodBye my Lady is such a great show!! A tear jerker for sure but great!! You can find this movie on YouTube. I can't get to the link at the moment.

Oh wow this is brilliant thank you so much! I am going to sit down and watch this later on...thank youxxxxx

Caroline, my email address is giza.1@mcsnet.ca
Can you email me, then I can email stuff to you so it won't have to go through the Forums.
I've got people trying to round up some of those stories.

Okay, I've got a story that may, or may not, be what you are looking for. I remember when this was going on. I'm posting it on the Forums because anybody who is involved in the show scene may remember this too. http://community.seattletimes.nwsource.com/archive/?date=19971019&slug=2566856

@giza1 What an amazing story!! Poor lil' fella' but it all worked out in the end! I'd just finished eating a while ago & when I came back to the pc, it had a slide show going as a screen saver. I never set up a screen saver on this pc!! Of course, all of the pictures were of my Dorie, the b I lost Aug.24 of this year. You can guess what I did for about 30 min.. Then I read the story about Dakota! I was sad, then happy & now, I'm stuck somewhere in between the two ~ BUT!! This story proves what the love, drive and compassion of a Basenji can & will go thru because, "Affairs of the Heart" (Love) must be tended to ~ not just in man but in our dogs life too! Proves how loyal these "fierce" little stinkers are!! Great read!! Rated: *****'s from me!!

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