Found a Private selling Basenji's online, should I trust him?

  • Hi everybody,
    it's my first post on the forum, I hope the post fits here and that I'm not doing anything wrong. Also I'm sorry for my English but it's not my first language.

    I found a private selling Basenji's puppies online, pretty near from where I live, so I contacted him and the puppies will be born in January. He says the mother and the father have no health issues.
    Here are some photos, what do you guys think? Thank you so much

  • Saying no health issues is not good enough, in my opinion. Need to have done at least DNA testing for Fanconi and PRA at the very least. Those results are made public at Should also have had certified eye tests, thyroid test, OFA or Penn Hip. What is the pedigree of these Basenjis they are breeding? Is there a contract?

  • @fjd89 Myself, NO WAY!! The pictures look pretty but like Tanza said, a MUST TEST for Fanconi Syndrome!! He should be able to produce AKC pedigree's of both parents! I bet he's asking a really high price for the pups too & he wants you to pay him before these pups are even born ~ right?? I don't like the looks of where he's keeping these dogs in the pictures, it's all concrete! I looked closely at the dogs in the pictures & they still have their dew claws!! Most all good breeders will have those removed shortly after birth & have a Vet do it. If it were me, and I'm about to go nuts without a Basenji (have had 2 in the last 18 yrs), but first off, he's selling them privately & on line ~ he might just take your money & be gone! But, he could be part of a "puppy mill" or a "back yard breeder" & neither of those are good. Slam your brakes on & just say "NO". Look around, you can find a good breeder that can produce records, pedigree's & will test for Fanconi Syndrome in all of his dogs! A dog with Fanconi is pretty expensive to take care of. But it can be eliminated if all breeders tested for it & didn't breed dogs with it. Puppy mills & back yard breeders don't care what kind of disease their dogs have, they only do it for the money & in the end, the dog suffers & so does it's owner! I just wouldn't buy from him & I want another Basenji so bad, it's causing me health problems. Wait & see what the others have to say about it in this forum & then you can make up your mind!!

  • @fjd89 By the way....Welcome to the forum!! There's a lot of good people on here to help you with many things!! Also, most of the ladies on here can send you in the right direction of really good breeders!! They breed for the best of the breed, but there are some that they sell as "pet stock" or they have a female that they've bred a couple of times & wish to retire them....they are great dogs too! But you can not breed one that you've bought for retirement ~ you'll sign a contract to get her spayed (if they haven't already had it done) & after they're spayed, you send them the paper from the Vet & they send you her AKC papers. Give the other ladies a day or two to get on here & they'll send you in the right direction & you'll end up with a great Basenji that will show you what it's like to have Senji love! Ohh it's so worth the wait for a good one! 😉

  • @tanza I guess you're not breeding this winter. You've got some beautiful Basenjis & many that have been show-stoppers! Do you have any that your going to sell? Just curious! I can't find the breeder I got both my girls from. I don't know if she stopped breeding so she could spend her time going to the shows, she's also (or was) an AKC Judge. I got 2 of the sweetest girls from her! But I don't do puppies!! They think your toes are chew toys & I hate wearing shoes, plus, my toes are always wiggling!

  • @Nancy-Berry - Thank you for the nice comments, I am not breeding this year, maybe next year, have not decided. Who was the breeder that you got your girls from? And no, I don't have anything to place at this time.

    Note also that responsible breeders have waiting list, they do not sell on line.

    Note that dew claws are not always an indication of BYB or Puppymill..... breeders are split about 50/50 now days about their removal. However this particular breeder I would guess is a BYB...

  • first of all thank you to all of you for the answers,
    I'm asking the guy to send me the pedigrees, and I'll ask if the dogs have been tested for Fanconi and PRA. I'm in Italy by the way.

  • @fjd89 If he says they have been tested, you can check the results as they are public information as You just need registered name or registration number. You should always confirm for yourself.

  • @tanza I got my girl from Ann Harrison from Hackers Basenjis. She was up around Rockville, IN. ~ home of the covered wooden bridges,

  • @Nancy-Berry As far as I know, they are no longer breeding or showing.... not sure if still judging

  • He sent me the pedigrees, can i post the pictures here?

  • @tanza WOW! So you know who she is?? I wish I could get a hold of her to tell her about Dorie passing. Maybe I can find her address & find her. Thanks for that info Tanza, I appreciate it! Nancy

  • @fjd89 I don't know, so I'd wait til one of the other ladies to get on here & ask them ~ they'll know the answer! Glad you got the pedigrees!

  • the pedigree states that the mother and the father of the puppies are actually brother and sister. That's not good, right? Consanguinity can lead to diseases more frequently?

  • @fjd89 Whoooh! I don't think that's a good thing all. Tanza or eeeefarm or DebraDownSouth could tell you for sure. But IMO ~ that's bad bad bad!!!

  • sorry guys, they actually have just the same father.

    These are the dogs:
    female: Backy LO1326310 ( father: LO138514 - JASIRI-SUKARI BUCKING THE TRIND, mother LO1129801 ARLETTE)


    the pedigree also states that Dolli Amber and Jasiri Bukari has been "italian and international champion of beauty" and Arlette has been "italian champions of beauty"

    I spoke ith the previous owner and he said they have no diseases. He said also that the fact they share the same father shouldn't be a problem.
    The pedigree info can be found also on the italian site that is the official national institution of cinofilia.

  • @fjd89 - There has been health testing on both Jasiri Sukari Bucking The Trend, Arlette, and Dolly of Amber Sunrise. They are all clear for Fanconi and the two bitches are PRA clear. We did not have the DNA test for PRA when Jasiri Sukari Bucking The Trend was in the US. I am very familiar with Bucking the Trend and have know him for many years when he was showing in the US. Also very familiar with his breeder, Julie and Kathy Jones. Not really a bad thing that the have the same sire.... the bitches are total out cross. All depends on what is trying to be accomplished in a breeding program. I would say that you are OK with getting a puppy. But that is just my opinion.

  • @tanza thank you so much for your answer. Sorry if I didn't use the right terminology by the way. I'll keep you updated on what are we gonna do with these puppies. However, if we do take one, should we do the DNA testing anyway? What about the hips displasia? Is there a test for it too?

  • @fjd89 I would ask Tanza since she's got great knowledge of them! What would we do if it weren't for the other ladies in here that really know all of that stuff?? Not being a smart-alec, I mean it when I say they really know what they're talking about!!

  • @fjd89 Always good to do health testing.... Don't know about how hip testing is done overseas. You would need to check with your local Vets.

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