Help!! Constant whining & can't figure out what he wants!

  • Hi Basenji Forums! By 2 year old basenji, Watson, has been going through a phase lately where he is just constantly whining, all. the. time. He usually gets between a 1 mile walk and 3 mile run every morning and will take a short nap after that, but for the rest of the morning until around 4pm he just paces the house and whines. He will take a few other naps throughout the day but if he isn't sleeping, every breath out of his mouth is a whine. He'll also come sit on the ground by my desk and look at me expectantly, but I can't figure out what he wants. He gets 3-4 walks per day and usually right after a walk he is better, but as much as I would like to, I can't spend all day outside with him. He is very disinterested in playing with toys, and he does like to look out the window but usually that just makes it worse anytime he sees a squirrel he can't get! Anyone experienced similar behavior or have any ideas on what might help reduce this behavior? Thank you!

  • Ouch... sounds like you may need to break his day up with some additional things... such as 10 minute obedience work 3 times a day (yes, mind activity helps boredom), get him a few high quality chews.. such as a kong stuffed with a little frozen lining. I would also, first, get a full blood panel run on him just to make sure something medical isn't up.

  • If this is a new behaviour (and it sounds like it is) I would be wondering if he is in some discomfort, and yes, definitely explore whether there is something going on with him physically. Have you gone over him thoroughly to assess whether there are any "ouchy" areas on his body? I concur with Debra about getting a blood panel to look for some hidden complaint.

  • @toeloop840 Keep in mind this is Basenji breeding season... doesn't matter if neutered or not... these boys know. My old boy would whine for the entire month of October.....

  • @tanza Yes, we are starting to think that's what it is. The rest of his family went through it in October but for some reason he seems to be a bit delayed. Any tips for how to stop or reduce the whining? It is driving us crazy especially when we try to work from home!!

  • @toeloop840 Good luck on that, never could figure out anything... maybe cotton in your ears?? LOL

  • Bahahahaha, when I had a bitch in heat here, my male Rottweiler cried almost nonstop. He'd doze off and then right back to it. I tried vicks under his nose, everything. If that's it, I can only send you my utmost sympathy and at least the comfort that if that's it.. it's seasonal, not his health.

  • @toeloop840 Is Watson neutered?? If not, I'd make some plans on getting that taken care of ~ pretty soon!! I'd bet there's a female in season somewhere with-in a mile or so! I had a friend who hoped to get her female Dobie bred one day. As I walked out the back door one evening, there were about 6 or 7 male dogs of all varieties out there! They weren't afraid of me either ~ I thought they were going to rip my leg off before I got to the car!! I called the Vet the next day & they said to come in & pick up some pills for the female. I'll try to spell this, Chloraphyll ... it makes the smell of a female in season, not "smellable" & about 3 days later....the male dogs were all gone & peace was restored! Watson might still give a whine or 2 when a female comes into season but he sure won't pine his heart out & your ear drums! 🙂

  • @tanza LOL! I just made a post about getting him fixed to cut down on his whines! I forgot that even though Basenjis are sight hounds, they're also scent hounds!!! Yep ~ maybe if you whine with him a bit, he'll give it up for awhile!! :=D Just kidding unless you can out-whine him or make him think that he sounds almost as bad as you could sound!!

  • @Nancy-Berry While I agree that if not being used at Stud, should be neutered, BUT that will not many times fix the problem...some of my males intact or NOT would show this behavior....

  • @tanza I am sure sorry Tanza, I did not aim to insult you or hurt your feelings in any way! Honestly, the fact is, it has been many, many years since I've been around any male dogs. I do remember now that, like you said, "...fixed or not, the boys do smell the females ..." I had to think a long ways back & yes! I now remember the boys just would NOT shut up! It was enough to drive a person "bonkers"! And a little whining would go a very long ways. I am sincerely apologizing for my mistake! Please, forgive me! I will not let it happen again! Thank You, Nancy B.

  • @Nancy-Berry Was not taken as in insult.. and sure didn't hurt my feelings... just wanted to put it out there, in our breed this like their prey drive is inbred to them.

  • @tanza I'm glad I didn't upset you in any way!! I'm glad that it's getting so that their dew claws don't have to be removed!

  • @Nancy-Berry said I'm glad that it's getting so that their dew claws don't have to be removed!

    Yes. Having, or not having, dew claws is definitely not indicative of a good or bad breeder, or of the quality of the dog.
    I have had 2 different rescue Basenjis without dew claws who originated from "show" breeders; and I currently have a Basenji that I am showing who HAS dew claws. I would certainly hope that any judge would not base any decisions on whether or not a dog has dew claws.

    The only problem with leaving dew claws on a Basenji is that it increases the odds of their ability to use power tools!

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