We just don't like that ONE neighbor kid

  • To start off with, we have always been very pro-active in teaching our children how to approach, interact, and behave around dogs. While we never had a dog of our own up until we adopted Kiya, we always seem to be around dogs be them other family members dogs or neighbors and friends.

    Kiya has some anxiety and trust issues stemming from her life before we adopted her. A sad and abusive situation that she endured from 6 weeks old until 16 weeks old when we adopted her. So she has issues with adults - generally anyone over 5 feet tall - and it is something we are constantly working with her to help her get over it.

    The moment we brought Kiya, our B-Mix, home she has been nothing but superb with kids, especially my 3 boys (they were 9.5, 3.5, and 1.5 at the time we adopted her in October). I had never seen a 16 week pup be so gentle and with such great bite inhibition. If she wants one of the boys attention, especially my youngest who happens to be her partner in crime, she gently takes his hand in her mouth and actually leads him over to whatever she wants. There is absolutely no fear, anxiety nor lack of trust when it comes to the boys. Half the time I seriously think she thinks is a human child with the way she interacts with them.

    For the most part Kiya is also good with other kids too. There is one family on our cul-de-sac that has 2 little girls, the same ages as my 2 youngest boys. We watch the girls occasionally, part of a neighbor-babysitting-swap thing we have going on. Kiya is just as gentle and playful with these two girls.

    As for the other neighbor kids, Kiya is great with them as well - except for that ONE neighbor kid. A little 5 year old girl. This little girl has never done anything to Kiya (When Kiya is around kids she is under my 100% attention and supervision), Kiya simply does not like her. Kiya likes the girl's siblings fine. Just not this girl. This little girl can be playing in the cul-de-sac and Kiya's hackles are up and she is growling and barking out the window at her. If she is over playing in the yard with my boys and the other neighbor kids I have to keep Kiya inside, even if I am out with her supervising, because Kiya acts as if she just wants to tear this little girl apart. The parents are pretty understanding saying that actually most dogs, cats, animals in general don't like their daughter - of course the movie "The Omen" comes to mind and I start thinking maybe this little girl is Damien in a dress! :eek: They also understand that I will make sure that their daughter is safe from Kiya because the last thing I need is Kiya biting her.

    So, what is it with this one kid?? Pheromones that she gives off? Her body movement? Her voice? She herself has a dog and for the most part knows how to behave and interact with dogs. I do have to say this little girl is rather spoiled and used to getting her way and tends to sulk and throw attitude. I can personally tolerate her for only a short while before she is under my skin. Maybe it is just her personality and the aura she gives off that Kiya picks up on…

    This summer will be a little easier when all the neighbor kids are home all day long to work on some counter-conditioning with Kiya and this little girl. I really don't want to have to keep Kiya locked up inside though whenever this little girl is over playing with the boys and all the other kids in the neighborhood.

    Any suggestions, counter-conditioning techniques, etc to help Kiya at least tolerate this little girl would be great!


  • Maybe some quiet 1 on 1 interactions, with the little girl giving small, delicious treats. Good things can come from this little bratty girl! Other people probably have more ideas, but the little girl will need to work with you and Kiya .

    Good dogs are good judges of character; if my dogs don't like someone, I pay attention! Kiay definitely senses something different about this child.

    Good luck,

  • I admire you care with this basenji.
    I agree, some treats from the child, and slow,gentle movements from her when she is around the dog, will probably work, but it might take some time.
    Do let us know how it goes.

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