• Hello! My name is Omega and my family and I are adding a Basenji male puppy to our family in January/February 2017! We CANT WAIT! I was wondering what you all feed your Basenji?

  • I always seemed to have a Basenji with a sensitive tummy or allergies so we always did a high quality Lamb and Rice.Added some pumpkin and chicken broth at night.

  • What brand is that?

  • Eukanuba Lamb and Rice. I would see what the breeder feeds.

  • I don't consider eukanuba to be very high quality. Far from awful and they have really improved, but I try to feed only top quality.

    I generally trust Whole Dog Journal's annual lists.

    I have had many dogs with allergy issues (chows and Rottweilers), and when they do, I go to fish and potato. Right now, my daughter's Samoyed is on Life's Abundance because that's what the breeder fed. Not sure we'll keep him on it. I have my basenji on rotation foods. Sometimes it's Blue Buffalo, sometimes others. Right now she's on Fromm Pork and Applesauce. My dogs have always gotten variety,

    Dog food brands like Champion Petfoods’, Orijen, Diamond’s Taste of the Wild, Blue Buffalo, and Merrick have been regulars on the Whole Dog Journal Approved list in recent years, as have Artemis, Bench & Field, Natura’s California Natural, and Wellpet’s Wellness, among many others. <<

    Whole Dog Food Journal Approved Dry List 2014

    Addiction Foods
    Ainstworth Pet Nutrition (Back to Basics)
    Bench & Field
    Blue Buffalo
    Canine Caviar
    Castor & Pollux
    Central Garden & Pet (Active Care, Advanced Pet Diets, AvoDerm, Pinnacle)
    Champion Pet Foods (Arcana, Orijen)
    Diamond (Chicken Soup, Preium Edge, Professional, Taste of the Wild)
    Dr. Gary’s Best Breed
    Dr. Tim’s Pet Food
    Drs. Foster & Smith
    Fromm Family Foods
    Grandma Mae’s
    Great Life
    Hill’s (Ideal Balance)
    Hi-Tek (Hi-Tek Naturals, Leonard Powell Signature, Life4K9)
    Kent Nutrition
    Midwestern Pet Foods, Inc. (Earthborn Holistic)
    Mulligan Stew
    Nature’s Select
    Natural Balance
    Nature’s Variety
    Newman’s Own
    Ohio Pet Foods (Blackwood)
    Oven-baked Tradition
    Party Animal
    Performance Pet (Spring Naturals)
    Pets Global (Zignature)
    Pet Valu (Performatrin Ultra)
    Precise (Precise Holistic Complete)
    Pyramid (Tuscan Natural)
    Smartpak Canine
    Three Dog Bakery (Bake to Nature)
    Solid Gold
    Tuffy’s Pet Foods (Natural Planet, Nutrisource)
    Verus Pet Foods
    Vets Choice

    Wellpet (Holistic Select, Wellness)

  • Wow! Thank you for this list! This helps a lot! So do you have a mix of wet/dry or all dry?

  • I change foods every 4 to 6 wks, my kids are used to different brands. I use only grain free. Fromms, their grain free dry. But I use a few different like Natural Balance Duck and Potatoe, I have used Blue Buffalo, Artemis, Precise

  • We rotate the varieties of Canidae Grain Free. Feeding a good-quality kibble can be expensive, but it helps if you buy an airtight dog-food container and buy a 25-pound bag. You can get a 50-pound bag of some foods, but we haven't tried this yet since we're not sure it would stay fresh long enough, even in an airtight container.

  • We feed fresh meat always. We started out with kibble, but we find our B's are more healthy with meat and related chews (soft bones, cartilage, heart, etc.).

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