• A friend sent me the link to this article. I thought it was really good.


  • Thanks Lisa, that is a great article. I am going to hand that out to my clients.

  • wonderful article!

  • Loved the article. I will definitely share that one too. Zuri is still learning so much and I can already see her thinking about the cookie zone!

  • I'm 53 and pretty much all my life I've had dogs, 30 of those years I've had Basenjis. I found good dog behavior comes from establishing a good relationship with the dog. That means respecting the dog, petting it gently and telling it "you're a good dog, your pretty or handsome"., hugging it, spending time on taking adventurous walks and hikes that the dog really enjoys. What does the dog enjoy? I had a Dalmation when I was 17 that loved to ride in the car, I'd just dangle the keys and he went nuts. So I took him out for rides around town going nowhere. Dogs are high energy so if that energy isn't burned off it will be destructive or misbehave. I wear mine out. I'm not going to say I've never had any behavior problems because I'd be lying. A Basenji can be very trying at times.Taking my Basenjis to different places for off leash hikes and walks really helped. We experienced adventures together. I met Basenji owners who were afraid to let theirs off leash because the dog would just take off and not mind. Mine stayed right with me and constantly looked around to see where I was at.
    Sometimes my Blk/wht for years, even after a long hike would not come to get in the truck to leave. It was frustrating and I'd have to trick her by getting in the truck and starting to drive off. A lot times my red/wht by command would chase, tackle her and hold her till I could run over and leash her. After a while she stopped doing it. Maybe she was too tired. Anyway it every dog is different, like people and different things work with different dogs.

  • This is a great article…and part of me will always feel guilty for hiring a horrible trainer (didn't last more than a handful of sessions). If I knew then what I know now I would have NEVER hired this person. This is why I am such an advocate of this forum because it has been instrumental in how I'm raising my furkids. My only comfort is that we can help one person like ME before they make the same mistake I did.


  • I have printed the article and am going to bring it to puppy school with me tonight to share with the other puppy owners and the instructor.

  • a great article….

    I get so frustrated when I hear people say a dog should be trained with a newspaper:mad:

    this is a good story to share in those moments....

  • I had one client who CHOSE to (after I told him many times not to hit his dog or pull it's fur), in front of me hit his dog. I promptly told him the next time I heard or saw him do that I would haul off and slug him and see if he liked it. He replied,"Well, he doesn't understand." I told him of course the dog doesn't understand-you're speaking to him in a foreign language. If you can't show him-repeatedly and with patience-what you want him to do, then place him with someone who does have patience. It kind of stunned him that I would say that to him, but he did go home, think about it, and then called me to apologize and stated he would practice more (something I knew he wasn't doing). Within a few weeks he had a happy, well-behaved (for a large puppy) dog.

  • Good for you Arlene!! BRAVO 😃 😃 😃

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