We have three rescues; our recent one folks keep telling us is a Basenji mix

  • We are looking for some insight on what our little 9 month old curly tailed girl is. When she was the tiny runt of the litter that no one wanted, we took her and thought she was a rednosed pit because of her nose and eye coloring. Now she seems to fit the profile of the Basenji....maybe hound mix? Thoughts? Not certain is this is how you post a photo here, but could not find another way....
    alt text

  • I'm not seeing any photo. How big is she? Height and weight? Does she bark? Any other vocalizations?

    To upload a photo, either drag it from your computer into the message window or click on the arrow above the post you are creating (right side symbol) or hotlink it from another site, such as photobucket.

  • Photo...![0_1467736132660_DSC_0948.JPG](Uploading 100%)

  • I'm not sure why your pictures are not showing up. I'm going to experiment.
    O.K. that seems to work. I dragged and dropped it and I see it. Now to check whether others can also see it! This is a picture of my two girls, taken a long time ago......probably in the '80s.

    I am wondering if the picture you are trying to upload is too big. Trying that now. I am not seeing the picture I just uploaded, so that may be the problem.
    ![0_1467823932526_Bathtime.jpg](Uploading 100%)

    Yes, I think that is the key. Downsize your picture and I bet it will work properly. As you see, I get the same uploading message that you did, but no picture, when I try to upload a large file.

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