Wheezing , no energy or thirst

My 9 week old basenji started wheezing and will only eat and drink the smallest amount. We got her 1 week ago and she was a bundle of energy, but now just sleeps 95% of the time.
The vet said that the wheezing was normal and her heart and chest were fine , but it is worst and the energy and appetite lost is worrying me.

Does not sound at all normal. See another vet!

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My girl sometimes wheezes and gets out of breath from overexcitement (like the first few times she encountered our cat). But I agree with eeeefarm; the change in appetite and sleep patterns is worrying. Take her for a second opinion!

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Have you spoken to the breeder? Did the Vet you took her to do a blood panel? I would agree, see a different Vet sooner than later.

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Go to another Vet! This is NOT normal !

This is not normal and you need to find a new vet ASAP.


A nine week old Basenji should be a ball of energy, I would find another vet ASAP. Sounds very much like your puppy is ill.

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did not see this until now, no update on condition, but I would get a new vet, Id go to an emergency vet place, poos little guy is probably dehydrated, which can cause organ damage, and probably has kennel cough or something similar, I fear for the worse if no action is taken immediately.

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