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  • Woops, didn't mean to post the subject....lol!
    Now that my biting issues are over with Jax, I'm having serious potty training issues. I got him at 8 weeks old and I've been steadily taking him out to the grass and rewarding him when he goes. But it's like if he has to go, he just goes. He doesn't give us any warning. The times I've caught him I tell him "NO" and put him outside. Normally he finishes his business inside, so there is no rewarding after the damage has been done, that is if he finishes outside.
    He's a little over 6 months now and I feel like when he wants to go into another room and I have him shut in a certain room with me, he'll pee on the door. Almost like he's doing it on purpose because he's mad.
    We work all day and he goes to a puppy daycare 3 days a week. The other two days we normally keep him outside. The week days aren't normally the problem, it's the weekends when we're home. We can let him inside, after being outside for a while, and he'll use the bathroom when he gets inside. This is the first dog I've ever trained with the reward system of potty training and I feel like I'm doing something wrong. All dogs prior to him I've never had an issue, but they were scolded for going inside and rewarded when they went outside. Someone please help!

  • From what you describe of your daily routine, he hasn't had much time to learn or "practice" doing the right thing. My take on this is not stubborn but confused or just doesn't get that he is doing anything wrong. I'm afraid the only easy fix is to treat him like a pup you just got, keep an eagle eye on him for signs that he needs to go (most dogs give some hint, even if subtle), and crate him when you can't watch him. Keep him in more when you are home so that he is able to learn the routine, but never when you aren't able to observe him. You could also try tethering him to you with a leash, so he is right beside you all the time and you won't miss the moment.

    Outside is easier for you, but teaches him nothing! IMO, scolding when caught in the act is just fine (others may not agree). "NO", pick him up and go right outside would be my method. (generally they will stop urinating/defecating when picked up, since it startles them). You mention that when you do this he has usually finished his business inside.......I would say if you are alert and close you should be able to interrupt as he is starting, or even before he starts! And I would reward (with praise at least) once outside, even if most of the damage was already done inside.

    And just like a pup, get him out often (always, if he is restless) for short potty breaks, and if he does give you something to reward, make sure to emphasize he has done the right thing!

  • Thank you for the advice. I guess I was getting a little to relaxed thinking he should be trained by now, letting him roam the house more. I think the tethering will help, so I'll definitely give that a try. Normally when we can't watch him we've been putting him outside; but you say we should put him in his kennel, so we'll give that a shot as well. Thanks again! I hope to have a positive update in a month or two. 🙂

  • He may be better outside if you are going to leave him unsupervised for a long time. Too much crate time isn't good either, but generally a dog will not soil in a crate, so it can be a useful tool to teach potty training. Take him out immediately when you release him from the crate, and if he relieves himself it gives you a chance to reward that behaviour. Once he "gets it" you can work on him telling you when he needs to go out, but until he understands completely don't put him in the position of having to "hold it", make sure you get him out whenever you suspect he may need to go.

  • I set up a schedule for my dog's and they always potty train quickly. I take the puppy outside first thing in the morning, after meals, after playing, after nap and right before bed. That usually works well. Of course, I have the luxury of working from home. But this should work for you on weekends.

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