Planing on a new member to the pack
First Basenji's

Hi!! I have a question and hope anyone can shed some experience.
My B is 16 months old. I rollerblade 8k every day with him. Frida my 12 year old dash doesn't want to come any more 😞. The Vet says she's fine, and has more years to come, it's just that a young basenji (or any B for that matter) is hard to keep up with. She's just a happy cuddling old dash now, so we are looking for a new partner in crime 😜. I've heard whippets are a good mix. I contacted a Whippet rescue and they have two 10 month old males. I'm kind of scared to introduce a young male to my B. Any experience in this matter? Poncho is very sociable and plays nice with others. Both Poncho and Frida are neutered and spayed. (Pardon my spelling & grammar I'm not American)

@Muro-Pads Rule of thumb, best to do opposites... not always a hard/fast rule, but 90% of the time. As they say "it works till it doesn't"

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