• So i have 2 basenji pups (6 yrs old)

    I had Milosh since a puppy- and later adopted Zeus at 2yrs from BRAT. now they are both 6.

    and well, my issue is Milosh is very vocal.

    he just thinks that everyone should be in their place. if we walk down the stairs and Zeus is also coming down the stairs he growls- i know they respect each others space - and there are no fights that break out. - he DOES NOT attempt to bite.

    Zeus is very mellow and calm- and ignores his growls. i just want Milosh to respect and understand that Zeus is entitled todo as he pleases without Milosh approval.

    is this normal having 2 basenjis?

    1- they are not from the same liter.
    2- they are both males
    3- they dont dog fight./ they play with one another when they like.

  • In my experience, intervening will escalate the issue. As long as there is no fighting, I really would ignore it.

  • First Basenji's

    that they are two males, yes, it will happen, but not just because they are males. One may be the 'alpha' but look into Resource Guarding. a resource can be a toy, food, person, couch, a space, bed....anything that one dog deems of high value. and yes, letting them have a hierarchy of who is higher is normal in any pack of animals (humans...hehehe!) great that they don't fight, so leaving them alone is ok. I had a similar problem with the personality conflict between my current B and older male who was here. A behaviorist told me to sing out in a high pitched mini-mouse voice when they would pass each other and whale eye and growl. It worked all the time to distract and redirect them and prevent further escalation. (they never fought either and actually sat close to each other a few months later) You can try this or leave it alone....

  • Unless there is true fighting leave them alone. They will work things out - the resource guarding may be behind it - but one simply doesn't want the other to be so close or whatever.

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