Howling (upside down!)

I have been going through some old (really old!) videos, and came across this one of my previous boy, Sunny. He would howl on cue. I had a little song I would sing that would set him off, or for that matter all one had to do was say to him, "You're only a dog, and that's all you'll ever be!" and he would tune up. Mattered not the position he was in at the time. Here's a short clip:

He was no slouch at yodels, either!

He was also the homeliest Basenji I have ever owned, but he made up for it with having the sweetest temperament you can imagine. 🙂

First Basenji's

that was too funny-upsidedown?! who whoudda thunk?

That is freaking awesome!

made my day! thanks for sharing

That's funny. One of mine will only really get going on a howl (like if we come home at an odd time or they're especially riled up) if he has a toy in his mouth. Not any special toy, just any random one that is nearby. I wonder If it is keeping his mouth open partly that shoes it and I ownde if being upside down makes it easier.

I don't think being upside down makes it easier, quite the reverse. Sunny liked to howl. He would tune up on his own or with prompting. My current boy will howl if I encourage it, and occasionally when triggered by something….....e.g. the telephone ringing, if I am not immediately available to answer it. Certainly some dogs are more vocal than others.

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