• Eggs are the highest quality protein, so I gave Spencer one hard-boiled organic egg a week, divided over 2-3 days. Crushed eggshells are a good source of calcium, and boiling eliminates any threat of salmonella. You can add about 1/4-1/2 tsp crushed eggshells to a meal, if desired. It balances the P. You can also use Epakitin as a phosphate binder. It's a powder that mixes into the food, and most dogs don't mind the taste. Not all dogs need the Epakitin, though.

  • When I fed raw (rotties/chows) I used lots of egg shells. 🙂 I feel competent with raw for healthy dogs, just not for sick. I may check to see if my old book for Strombeck has updates or consider IT recommended by the wonderful Wendy. As long as she willingly is eating the hills science (with added boiled chicken), I'll stick with that while researching the other options.


  • @DebraDownSouth:

    A couple of people and vet tech friends said the new Hill Science kidney canned diet stew was universally loved so I ordered it for now. The vet says her protein loss is big, but the BUN and Creatinine are not horrible and her phosphorous is actually normal. I wondered if my always feeding high quality protein and limited grains has helped.

    I wonder also if you can use cyproheptadine on them for appetite? Right now she is fine, but I'll ask if it's okay. I already have her on generic pepcid just because of the steroids and the vet said keep her on it.

    Kim I wonder if you are thinking about aluminium hydroxide powder?

    On force feeding… I force fed Sayblee for over 6 mos before cyproheptadine was recommended. Fortunately she would swallow whatever I put in her mouth, didn't fight. Not sure if Arwen would be so compliant. But really, if I can't help control the nausea enough for her to eat... that may be the time to let her go.

    Interesting, we just found out one of ours, Tigger, has potential Kidney issues also. Very weak urine, constant drinking and urinating. Tests show some values out of wack and they want us to come back in a few weeks for follow up tests. The vet gave us some of that Science Diet stew stuff and he loves it (honestly, it looks like it could be a can of beef stew for human use to me). But, I also think the Science Diet food leaves something to be desired regarding ingredients, so we are going to start looking for other options as soon as we can. right now, we are dealing with the decline of his sister, Lion due to cancer, so hopefully we will be able to do some proper research on his food soon.

  • I am sorry you are dealing with so much. 😞 I hate the C word. Arwen is not so happy with the food now, appetite a bit off but she goes in for more blood work next friday. I have been making boiled chicken to add to her food but even that isn't much interest. She's eating one GOOD meal a day and picking at the other, so not panicking yet.

  • The Basenji is a breed of hunting dog that was bred from stock originating in central Africa. Most of the major kennel clubs in the English-speaking world place the breed in the Hound Group; more specifically, it may be classified as belonging to the sighthound type.

  • Sad to report that we had to put Arwen down last Saturday. The speed of it is devastating. 6 weeks ago her levels were as good or better than in Feb except SLIGHT increase in protein. So we put her on protein binder (she actually liked it), thought all was well, then she injured her neck a bit. A few days of being in pain but then back to normal, suddenly Monday she didn't want much food so I gave in and let her have just boiled chicken and rice.

    By Wed, she didn't want that much either and had a bit of diarrhea… I'm still thinking change of food, nothing major. Thursday I knew it was not good, and my vet not available til Sat. That evening anal gland rupture and she seemed much better most of friday, her normal snarky self.

    Went to vets hoping it was something treatable, like mild pancreatitis or even just the anal gland, but I have to be honest, we both knew. Leora took off work to go with me and be there. The vet ran her blood work, said pancreas a bit elevated but her kidney levels skyrocketed, protein up to 16. She said even with keeping her and iv fluids, she doubted they could turn it around and as bad as it was, very little and limited time and not much quality. So we held her for a while, let her check out the garbage can and relax, then gave her a strong sedative. That didn't totally knock her out so they gave her gas and then put her down as we pet her once she was fully under.

    We have battled her autoimmune issues since she was 4, and my head knew that she was not going to be one of those 17 yr old basenjis, but I expected at least another year or 2. 12 1/2 isn't young, but it certainly is not long enough.

  • Oh i am so sorry Debra. it's never long enough and always such a blow when it's unexpected. even if it's unexpected because you're in denial (been there). and it's always hard when you have fought so hard to keep them here. kidney disease is such a nasty thing. so sorry.

  • I'm very sorry to hear this. You have my sympathies. Somehow you always think you have a few more months or weeks or days, and then you don't.

  • First Basenji's

    Debra, so very sorry for your loss and the emotional heaviness that you and your family must feel. Arwen was a trooper and glad you were able to make this decision to keep her dignity and quality of life at it fullest until the end. Peace to you all! She'll be barooing over that bridge with all the others!

  • Thank you all.

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