Adult Basenji and Condos

Anyone own adult Bs that lives in a Condo? Any thoughts/advice or stories about living with them? How is the Howling?

Not all Basenjis are vocal…If you mean what we call a flat, (what's the difference between a condo and an apartment?) my boy lives in one - it's not ideal, but perfectly doable with plenty of walks. Somewhere (park in my case..) to let him off the leash so he can run is a must for me (others opinions may vary...)

Works great, but my Basenji is rather quiet. Not vocal at all other than the usual yawn.

I guess it depends on the Basenji. Mine will sleep all day, but even still he has a lot of room to roam around while I'm gone. He gets a walk a few times a day as well.

Thankfully I am close to those who live above and below me because Oakley was horrible when his separation anxiety was bad..while he is super quiet its the whining, crying and howling from me leaving that others could clearly hear.
I was always worried about it. Luckily, his anxiety is much much better and while sometimes he will have his moments, it's few and far in between.

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