Zsa Zsa - female Brindle

Took the plunge a month ago and adopted Zsa Zsa (who is now 6 months old) from a family that couldn't keep her due to allergies, Here are pictures of my 1st Basenji & female, 2nd African breed (the two are now best buds) and she is just a great addition to the family. I never liked small breeds but she sold me.


Very nice brindle girl, one of my favourite colours, lucky you and lucky her and love the name.

Jolanda and Kaiser

beautiful baby girl! and what a nice pic of the "family"

I am a sucker for Brindles - she's lovely…

Well the little monster is definitely a tyrant with the boys. In the morning she greats us making similar noises like a rooster (too funny). See is mostly house broken but once in a while will have a lapse. She now understand the command to "go pippi" & thats mostly from seeing the older boys go upon command. Very smart girl but would like to break the towel fetish she has. She has to grab any towel within her reach & run with it & tries to hide it… Well I hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday.

What a lovely little girl 🙂

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