Zsa Zsa sporting her hoody

Well the temperature plummeted to 41 last night and Zsa Zsa did not want to go potty outside before going dodo. So I had to put on her hoody which she's not too crazy about and then I had to stand on the deck and encourage her to go on the wet cold grass…took about 10 minutes before it was all done and I froze instead....

Picture was taken before going outside..Enjoy and have a great weekend 🙂

Cold and wet grass… that is pure torture 😃

She looks cute in that hoodie though 🙂

She looks cute but by the look on her face I think she thinks why are you doing this to me and taking photo's too, I'm just not impressed and I will make you freeze while I take my time. Typical B. Kaiser wastes a lot of time drying his feet in between finding a spot, he just can't stand being wet.

Jolanda and Kaiser

Cute hoodie. We are in upper 80s/low 90s… If you and I could merge weathers we'd have perfection.

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